Leo And Leo

Leo Compatibility with Leo

Leo & Leo Romance and Love Life

When romantically involved, two Leo partners will know exactly how to put a smile on each other’s face. They will give compliments, show affection in a grandiose, Leo way, and share the warmth that makes them both feel special. Although an often mentioned problem with dominance is something to consider, their emotional cores lead them to understanding for as long as they are fully aware of their feelings. This isn’t a couple afraid to show their hearts, but they could have a shared need to shove them aside as they prioritize on different life issues. There is a chance their individual search for status and self-assertion could drive them apart, simply because they both might find it to be more important than their love life.

Leo & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Two such fiery passionate partners might have too much fire going on in their sex life. They could burn too bright, fighting for dominance and choices of positions, places, and new adventures they want to turn to. Their goal is to find middle ground for all ideas that might collide too strongly, and nurture their emotional connection first to make their physical one function properly. There are not many taboos in their worlds and they won’t be afraid to show their bodies or speak about their desires openly, for as long as they nurture each other’s egos.

Leo & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

As two highly aware individuals, both turned to self-recognition and the inner feeling of power and light, these partners have a way of starting a conversation that makes them both feel incredibly strong. Communication is the source of all their shared power, the core of their relationship with one another, and an area of their bond where all battles will take place. We will rarely see two lions sharing one dominant role, but they are perfectly capable to join a coalition and respect each other’s personalities and abilities just as they are. When two partners of the opposite gender come together, the lioness has already made her choice, and there is no real reason for them to fight for the masculine role except when they are guided by unreached personal potentials that need their individual attention.

Leo & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of two Leos lies in the light they can share with the world if they don’t come into conflict with each other. Once they turn their attention to their surroundings and realize that there is more to their bond than to care for themselves, they will learn that there is a lot they can teach the society, ready to give what they have already learned with one another and make everyone’s lives better. Their individual strength of character is their biggest weakness as well, if they don’t find a way to search for the point where their worlds can be shared in a way that makes them both happy and confident.

Leo & Leo General Compatibility

Nothing good comes from a compromise that any of these partners make. However strange it might sound, they shouldn’t neglect their personalities or fight off their need to be the dominant one, but instead find the golden middle where they can both express all the greatness they carry within. They have to understand that they don’t endanger each other in any way, and if they support each other and work together on their goals, they have a chance to truly manifest through incredible achievements.

Leo Man and Leo Woman - The role of the Sun, the ruler of Leo is archetypally masculine, and this usually means that this man will take over its rule and become the one to spontaneously shine. When this happens, the source of conflict can come from Leo woman’s shadowed personality and her inability to express as shiny and great as he is when he is with her. They have to find balance and approach each other with the same amount of respect and admiration no matter their gender, occupation, education, or anything that any of them achieved in life.