Leo And Cancer

Leo Compatibility with Cancer

Leo & Cancer Romance and Love Life

The sign of Cancer is the sign of emotional core and vulnerability in all of us. Togetherness and shared emotions are their goal, and they are talented to create the feeling of belonging and home wherever they go. On the other hand, Leo isn’t afraid to show their heart to other people, but often fail to recognize the sensitivity and fragile temper of those who surround them. Energy in a Cancer partner will have to rise as well as a compassionate approach in Leo, in order for both of them to sense each other’s emotional needs with a little more ease.

Leo & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

It is a good thing that Leo doesn’t lack masculine energy, initiative and passion, for this is what they will put into this relationship. Feeling attracted to their partner’s powerful personality, a Cancer will usually stay in the shadow and could feel attacked, neglected, or even abused, if they don’t find a way to express their needs and be heard. Tenderness has to be prioritized well and if they have enough of it to find understanding, there isn’t much they wouldn’t be able to try out together, sharing an incredibly exciting sex life they both enjoy.

Leo & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Approach to life these partners have is entirely different and their communication could be a bit difficult. Cancer will usually be an introvert, even when they find ways to express loudly and seemingly open to the outer world, while Leo has no trouble giving straightforward declarations to everyone around them. It won’t be easy for a sensitive Cancer to communicate when it is obvious that resistance is needed to the rule of their partner to speak, and even though they get enough respect and room to show who they are, they won’t perceive their relationship as very supporting of their personality.

Leo & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

With these two signs ruled by two lights of the zodiac, and celestial bodies that aren’t even planets to begin with, they differ greatly from everyone else. Once they recognize their true roles and find a way for Cancer to be supportive and caring, and for Leo to truly shine with enough gratitude for their partner, there isn’t much they cannot achieve together. Unfortunately, they are usually set far from full self-recognition, leading to Cancer partner being burnt by their partner’s strong energy, and Leo seeking distance from their emotionally unstable and needy lover.

Leo & Cancer General Compatibility

Even though these two signs stand next to each other in the zodiacal circle, they are very different, one of them standing for definition of still element of Water, and the other representing Fire itself. Just as these natures would show, the sign of Cancer quenches that fiery glow of Leo, meaning practicality will stand against creation and emotion against awareness and clarity of mind. These partners never come together without a strong reason, usually for Cancer to embrace their instinctive role and initiative they need to take, and for Leo to get in touch with their own sensitive, emotional side with a little more ease. Their main goal is creativity, and in some cases they meet only to make something together, and drift apart once they are done.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman - This is a woman that feels blessed for finding such a strong man at first. Once they get together, they will instantly fall into their archetypal roles, and it is better if they already have built personal, professional lives. If they don’t, this bond might take away the ability of a Cancer woman to express herself and pose for anything other than Leo’s partner.

Leo Woman and Cancer Man - Usually when a Cancer man falls for a Leo woman, he has the unconscious need to subdue to her character and charms, and face his own masculine weaknesses. If they are mature enough and aware of their own personalities, this can be a highly functional bond, with both partners embracing their roles and nurturing each other’s emotional, professional, and physical worlds.