The Gemini Woman

Exploring The Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman's Thoughts

Her way of thinking is truly magnificent and her expression puts her in the middle of the room seeking attention from the rest of the world. She is loud, confident, and has the ability to focus her thoughts into one point until she finds a rational solution to any problem. Her mind is her dominant attribute and she needs to use it through creative work, or her energy will feel lost or even stolen. Happiness in the world of a Gemini woman is dependent on her train of thoughts. Movement and physical activity help her free her mind from excess information she no longer needs. She should vent outside of the house as often as she possibly can, so she can handle those mental challenges she decided to take on.

Gemini Woman In Marriage

This is a woman who easily turns to unrealistic expectations from her partner and often sees the person standing in front of her through idealism and a hopeful approach. This is the exact reason why in the effort of settling down, many Gemini women choose to be with a man who belongs to the Sun sign in the element of Earth. This speaks of her need for someone to keep her feet on the ground and always remind them what real life is all about. She is always in search for a new adventure and can't stay with a partner who doesn't understand her need to move, travel, and change perspectives. This can make her an ideal partner though, for not only is life with her always exhilarating, but she is also a true believer in love, shared causes, and a future she might find with the right person.

Gemini Woman In Bed

Boundaries of a Gemini woman have to be respected at all times in order for her sexuality to build up in a healthy way. Her spirit and her need to rely on her mind may lead her into situations that aren't supportive of tender displays of emotions she isn't even aware she needs. It is imperative that she takes her sex life seriously and approaches her own inner needs with care and dedication. If she is tied by a truly deep emotional bond, her sex life becomes a treasure island that is never to be discovered by anyone else. She is perfectly capable to separate any experience she has today from those she had in the past and makes any partner feel like the first one she has ever been with.

Intimate world of a Gemini Woman

This is a woman with a tender side that isn't easy to instantly spot. She is modest and closed up in her core, often turned to overthinking to protect her heart. To find happiness, a Gemini woman has to dig in deep and fix what is broken inside her emotional world. If she simply moves on from problems that come in her way, she won't get very far in her attempt to truly be happy. A lady of the final sacrifice, she will never admit to everything she has done for other people, and this makes her a sort of a martyr we don't recognize most of the time. She is the one to know how intelligent our physiology is, and as much as she resists the material world from time to time, she will have a clear image of the importance of her body and its needs.

Gemini Woman With Children

Gemini is a sign of all children and playful activities that come to mind, especially those that include movement and outside play, or the use of hands and one's creative abilities. This is a good predisposition for this woman to build a strong, reasonable and yet playful bond with children, enjoying their company and playing with them day in and day out. She is a reader mom who knows how to educate her child, but doesn't go too deep into psychological analysis if she doesn't absolutely have to. In most cases, she will grasp parenting with ease, practicality and common sense, communicating with children from the start and building bonds that carry no fear of strict and burdening responses.

Gemini Woman at Work

True dedication of a Gemini woman is seen through her working habits, for this is the place where she becomes an obsessive story chaser and someone in need of great turnouts. She is influential and strong, always ready to jump on her feet and face anything coming her way, but also willing to make large shifts and changes if she feels unsatisfied with her job in any way. There is little emotion in her line of work if she doesn't find a way to creatively express through writing or some sort of artistic expression. Her talents have to be employed at all times and her sense of mission triggered, or she might fall into a meaningless routine that takes too much of her energy and leaves her unsatisfied.

Appearance of a Gemini Woman

Just as there are two sides of Mercury, there are two possible sides to the way a Gemini woman looks. From one extreme to the other, she will either be thin and tall, her hair giving her the final touch she needs to express her personality, or she will be short and rounded up, as a talkative, archetypal friend everyone looks for in this life. Whatever the case, she isn't that curvy and often inclining to seem a tad masculine, as if to show her human side before the feminine one. Her eyes are bright, her smile just waiting to happen, and her natural glow definitely one of the easiest things to treasure in entire zodiac.

Gemini Woman With Money

This isn't a woman who handles finances very well if she is not well-trained by her upbringing to do so. Her early relationships will define her spending habits and if she comes from a rich family where she spent a lot, she could have trouble adjusting to a more modest way of life. Tied to her possessions through emotion, she doesn't see money so much as something to obsess about, but it could be the source of a lot of stress in her life if she ever decides to take a loan or a mortgage in her name. She should be free of debt at all times, just like she should be free of all things that tie her down to one place.

Convictions of a Gemini Woman

A Gemini woman is convinced she can set free from anything that ever tied her down. There is always a strong pull of circumstances in her childhood to teach her about taking responsibility in order to find actual liberation without much effort. She has a deeply rooted belief in human equality and feels like a human first, putting all other labels aside. She wants to be called by her name and not by her gender, race, sexual preferences, or any other system of common prejudice, and will fight for this image even if she doesn't belong to any of the minorities that might be judged. She shoots high using her words for the greater good, but might fail to see her own weaknesses and judgments in the process.

Goals of a Gemini Woman

This is a woman ready to fulfill her dreams and her goals will never be small or insignificant. She wants her whole life put in its place, until she finds inner peace and becomes aware of her talents, abilities and inspiration. She is the lady of the sea, the one to understand the flow of things on a larger scale, and always ready to jump into these waters and chase for a current goal that gives her the shivers. Although she is somewhat unstable and turned to too many causes at once, she can be quite focused and calm once she finds something to live for, and strive for day after day, with the same energy of creation carrying her forwards like a strong wave of loving choices.

Gemini Woman In Friendship

She needs diversity in her social life and surrounds herself with different people, including those minorities we mentioned earlier. It is clear to her that there isn't a thing in this world as valuable as many different opinions, and she will seek inner balance through communication with others. This woman will socialize with men much more often than women, always in search for figures of strength and authority, archetypally found in the masculine principle. She is the one to jump in and save the day, creating many new friendships along the way, while at the same time being the one to simply cut off people who don't make her feel good anymore, without much fuss, limitations, or the pull of responsibility and ties to the past.

Dreams of a Gemini Woman

Dreams of a Gemini woman tend to be much more realistic than we might anticipate. Although she will strive to reach for incredible, even magical things in life, she is quite grounded when it comes to unrealistic desires and tendencies that tie her down. Her visions will be turned to financial and issues of the material world, but only up to a point in which she searches for motivation and the love for herself. If she doesn't feel good about her reality, she will never truly settle for not living her dream, no matter how hard she might try, guided by common sense.