The Gemini Man

Exploring The Gemini Man

Gemini Man's Thoughts

Most people imagine a Gemini man as someone unstable and unreliable, a man who will come in only to leave in a matter of minutes, and win someone's heart just to lose interest in seconds to come. Still, when it comes to his way of thinking, his thoughts reflect on unity and his primal core of personality that always knows where true priorities lie. He is human to the fullest, and always turns to reasonable ways of thinking, even if his inner state leads him towards negative and emotional outbursts. In order for his mind to actually work as well as he'd like it to, it is imperative for him to embrace emotions as a natural part of his brain processes, and accepts them as equal to his mental and physical worlds.

Gemini Man In Marriage

Depending on the level of his awareness and personal growth, a Gemini man can either be fully aware that intimacy is endangered by dishonesty and build a strong solid bond, or get married fast and in the heat of the moment, only to find a new love later on. We will see that he discovers all sides of his nature only when he finds a partner able to stand up to him and follow in his pace. He needs someone willing to learn, listen, and move from one adventure to another, while not giving in to a boring routine or too many expectations. His freedom has to remain intact, no matter the depth of his emotions, or he won't have much trouble leaving the house, finding a good excuse to run away, or simply end the relationship all together.

Gemini Man In Bed

There is something really closed up about a Gemini and his intimate, sexual life, and while you might think that his light and liberated spirit will enclose every detail of it and give into any adventure that comes their way, this might be entirely wrong. Depth of emotion has to be vast in order for him to truly open up to his partner and reach actual pleasure. Games of adventurous activities in the bed, and outside of it, will only satisfy his mind, but real ability to connect and change deeply through a physical bond make him chase for more. He is one of those partners you can have an incredible contact with but without ever getting intimate, for he won't open up until he finds someone he can truly connect to.

Intimate world of a Gemini Man

You might think he's chaotic and poorly organized, and while this might be true for some careless Gemini men, the truth is they are mostly in need of a clean house and a routine that will allow them a lot of light, open spaces, and a home filled with intelligent solutions. If he has the opportunity, he will hire someone to clean for him, so he has more time for more inspiring activities. Overthinking and analyzing can ruin his chance of deeply intimate bonds too fast. As soon as he starts looking for mistakes in others, chances are he will reach the point of disappointment before getting truly close. In order to form an intimate bond with someone, he has to be close to his own heart first, and this isn't something easily done with a dominant mind and a need to escape disappointments of love.

Gemini Man With Children

If you want to leave your child with someone who will play just as if they were children themselves, a Gemini man is the perfect choice. He knows how to separate education and strict guidelines from loving and fun activities, and therefore is the master of loving bonds as he steers clear of negative issues and adapts. This is a man who will talk to a newborn baby just as he is ready to spend time with a kid who is already going to school. He stands for the perfect teacher for all sorts of tricks and little things in life that will mean a lot to the child in grownup years. A Gemini man is childish himself, laughs from his heart, and knows how to communicate with each kid, no matter the age.

Gemini Man at Work

A Gemini man has a practical mind, always employed to make his workplace more adaptable to the flow of circumstance, and always ready to take on extra activity if needed. Still, his nature isn't there to get into in-depth research unless the subject in question truly keeps his attention for long enough. In most cases he will excel at a workplace filled with people, where he can communicate, get practical, and give a helping hand while expecting the same in return. He is someone who is always ready for great deeds, new contacts, and ways to communicate about all things that come up along the way. He feels best at a job that allows him movement, flexible hours, and significant mental stimulation, and he often seeks higher education out of deeply rooted curiosity and the ability to make any subject light and doable.

Appearance of a Gemini Man

This man will feel light, as if air could carry him away, no matter his physical strength or weight. A typical Gemini man will be an archetype of each human, with curly, yet short hair, tall, thin, and with his shoulders slightly bent forwards, as if he was always ready to make the next step. He is on the move and his feet are big, stable, often in colorful shoes or comfortable enough to let him walk all day long if needed. Ready for action, his moves are fast, his hands the dominant part of his body, and his fingers long and sensitive to outer sensations. This isn't someone you will often see sitting in one place and his physique typically follows his movable, human nature.

Gemini Man With Money

There is a strange connection of each Gemini man with money, for he seems to tie its worth to his upbringing and his relationship with his mother. There will always be a lot he needs to learn when it comes to finances, and although he is perfectly able to save and create his sense of security, he could feel resistance towards doing so. This is a man aware that he has to be rational with the material issues, but doesn't always seem to get how important it is to give wholeheartedly in order to gain much more in the future. Capable to make money nearly anywhere, he is an excellent traveller, photographer, or a freelancer of any kind, for this allows him the freedom of movement combined with unstable gain he can wrap his potent brain around.

Convictions of a Gemini Man

This is a man of strange convictions, for not only is he the one to oppose Sagittarius, the sign of all convictions, but he is also strongly guided by the nature of Aquarius and its set of beliefs. While he might carry messages of gods in his pocket in their earthly and small, or truly large proportions with great impact, he is also the one to discard any illusion for the sake of rational thinking. He believes in cosmic justice, the Universal mind, and synchronicity in its core, always wondering about everything that might happen tomorrow. Living for surprises of life, he understands that no day will ever be the same as any of the days he already lived through, and he is always ready to wait for the next one with a new story and new steps to be made.

Goals of a Gemini Man

This is a man who sets unrealistic goals way too often. He is living high up in his mental world, and on the clouds that take him too far from the ground, detaching him from actual circumstances in his life. In many situations he might fail to see where the situation leads and often feels lost as he tries to wrap his mind around a mission he is supposed to follow. It is never easy to be a Gemini man on a chase for higher goals, for he needs to point his attention towards freedom of rational thought, and still believe in fairytales he wishes to bring to life.

Gemini Man In Friendship

It is known that a Gemini man is a typical social butterfly and this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. His relationships form fast, with a lot of energy and communication strongly powering them up. People that surround him have to possess enough energy to follow his ideas and he chooses his friends to be spontaneous, instinctive, and of strong character, as if his goal was to meet someone he can debate with. Although he will easily hold on to some long-term relationships, there seems to be no guarantee when he might have to deal with everything he bottled up, only to cut off those who disappointed him and set free from burdening social bonds.

Dreams of a Gemini Man

A Gemini man dreams of manifestations in the material world, of financial security, and deeply satisfying hedonistic pleasures. He dreams of practical matters falling into place, and him finding his own piece of mind while this happens. Dreaming of home, a place where he feels emotionally connected, this man could travel a lot or live in a neighboring town to his primal family. This is his way of materializing his need for movement while at the same time idealizing his family situation once they are set several kilometers away. He will dream of food, money, sensuality and physical pleasure, and easily give in to dependencies if he loses faith in the possibility of bringing his dreams to life.