Gemini And Scorpio

Gemini Compatibility with Scorpio

Gemini & Scorpio Romance and Love Life

It is impossible to explain to someone emotionally deep as Scorpio that their Gemini partner doesn’t want to dive deep beneath the surface and roll in the mud of emotion found. Although their twin-like nature makes them seem to have every face you can think of, the truth is they only have one core of personality and it is set in the element of Air. They will detach from such deep waters and sensitive, pushy Scorpio could stubbornly try to impose certain emotions to their partner, unaware that they won’t be reactive to these attempts. A Gemini will almost always want things to be casual, spontaneous, and a lot more carefree than what Scorpio considers to be an emotional norm.

Gemini & Scorpio Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Both of these partners are strongly sexual, even though the intellectual side of Gemini is often a lot more emphasized. Their approaches to physical contact are entirely different through, and while Scorpio sees it as an ultimate opportunity to share the deepest possible emotion, a Gemini sees it as this fun activity that puts a smile on their face. If they start labeling these approaches instead of experimenting to see if they can mend them into one, it won’t be easy to find satisfaction through their physical relationship.

Gemini & Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Gemini representatives are highly eloquent and this is obvious to everyone who meets them straight away. On the other hand, a Scorpio likes to say things in as little words as possible, and takes every opportunity to run away from meaningless small talk. It will be hard for them to socialize when together, both looking for something entirely different in people they are surrounded with. Fortunately, the curiosity of a Gemini is always something that helps intellectual matters and it might be enough to push them to jump into Scorpio’s world and build togetherness from within.

Gemini & Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses

If these partners form a deep emotional bond, they give each other incredible amounts of energy and make each other extremely powerful. Information a Scorpio can get from a Gemini partner can help them find all the answers they seek, while the approach to depth of emotion and human mind Scorpio has to offer, helps Gemini find their focus, their core, and understand what they need to do with their life. Their weak spot hides in possessiveness of Scorpio combined with Gemini’s inconsistency.

Gemini & Scorpio General Compatibility

This isn’t a couple you expect to stay together for very long, even though relationships made by Scorpio representatives often last. If they stick to the physical side to their relationship, carefree and casual, the lack of emotion will slowly distance them from one another. On the other hand, if they come too close, they will quickly reach a point in which a Gemini doesn’t understand why things have to be so hard, wishing to set free from ties of a Scorpio. Frustration they will both feel, either because of freedom taken, or because of flakiness of their partner, can be enough to make this bond impossible.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman - This man will be deeply intrigued by the appearance and the overall glow of a Scorpio woman. She has some magic to her and from his point of view she is a secret to be revealed. Their contact can never be triggered by small talk and there will usually be nothing light about it. This is a woman who already has trouble embracing her emotional side and if this relationship is to work out, respect for emotions has to be heightened in both of them.

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man - This woman will try to play with a Scorpio man, only to discover that there isn’t a single thing he is casual about. He will usually see her as someone he needs to protect, while receiving incredible informational feedback and her help to fit into the society. The measurement of their potential to last is proportional to the number of smiles they share.