Gemini And Gemini

Gemini Compatibility with Gemini

Gemini & Gemini Romance and Love Life

Romantic relationships between Gemini partners often don’t last very long, but they tend to be filled with excitement and incredible communication. They will come together when there is something they both have to learn, usually a shared lesson at a certain period of life. Their views on romance will coincide but in most cases none of them will breathe in any magic into their bond, making it kind of shallow and looking more like a friendship than an actual romance. If they both fall in love at the same time and follow each other’s emotional changes, misunderstandings will almost always be avoidable, and they will have an opportunity to shower each other with the affection they need day after day.

Gemini & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The best partner for a Gemini to satisfy their need to try out new things in their sex life is another Gemini. With no inhibitions of any kind, these two people have a way of sharing their desires in the most obvious way, eccentric and aroused by the same things. Still, there could be a lot of talk and a lot less activity than anticipated if they don’t find grounding and remain in the field of ideas, disconnected from their bodies and each other’s physical existence. To keep things moving, they need to focus on things they love to do together and hold on to practicality and the material world they are surrounded with, or their sexual contact could turn into sweet talk and finally a simple friendship.

Gemini & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

There is no point to emphasize how important and incredible intellectual compatibility of two Gemini partners can be. It is obvious that their entire approach to life is dependent on having someone to talk to. They will jump from one issue to the other, sharing information as if they were candy, both of them high on words and new topics to talk about. Two Gemini have to pay attention to their emotional contact though, for if their hearts don’t connect firmly, they could stay in small talk for way too long.

Gemini & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

Strength of the sign of Gemini is their obvious intellectual dominance, but when it is multiplied with the same strength of a partner born in the same sign, it feeds on togetherness and raises their confidence as high as it can get. They think and communicate extremely well, focused on their power when together, lifting each other’s awareness of the world surrounding them to levels that other people won’t even begin to understand. Their biggest challenge is to stay grounded and focused on practical, material, and emotional matters. Lack of touch and shared feelings could keep them in a friend zone for years even when they both think they should be together.

Gemini & Gemini General Compatibility

It is clear that two Gemini partners have a lot to talk about and learn from each other, and it is obvious that their sex life and overall compatibility can be satisfying for both partners. However, the mutable quality of the sign and their individual needs for change will often drive them together and apart in a matter of weeks. They need a strong pull by circumstances or the partner who found a stable point in their affection to lead the way and keep them in a fine balance that gives them the power to last.

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman - It comes natural to both of these partners to have multiple sides and personalities within, making their relationship seem like there are four, six, or more people involved. No matter their gender, their need for rationalization could be too strong for this relationship to even begin. Physical closeness is something truly important and these partners need to nurture it day after day, always paying attention to each other’s physical needs. If they don’t, there is a great chance they will simply separate from Earth together, leading each other into a joyful friendship that doesn’t manifest on a physical plane.