The Capricorn Woman

Exploring The Capricorn Woman

Capricorn Woman's Thoughts

She will often contemplate on her faith, trust issues, and the belief she has in herself. She often needs to learn that true support is found within and not in other people. Her mind is filled with magical information as well as misconceptions of all sorts, and it won't always be easy for her to separate her dreamland from reality. While one part of her keeps her feet firmly tied to the ground, the other will pull her into strange directions, taking her high and low, affecting her judgment and reminding her of her true and vast emotional needs.

Capricorn Woman In Marriage

In her core, this woman is a strong believer in traditional family values, specifically those she learned in her primal home. Depending on upbringing and the situation she had in her relationship with both parents, she could either be eager to show her sensitive side, or afraid to ever open up to another human being. Her inner state of balance in a romantic bond will be limited by the amount of emotional issues she has resolved along the way. A tender soul and someone in search for support, compassion and true connection, a Capricorn woman is dedicated, open, and caring when with the right partner. She is said to be career oriented, but she is in fact goal oriented and it is very often that one of her goals in life is to find someone to love. With the right partner, she has a chance to meet her own heart and connect the right and the wrong into one satisfying and peaceful image of self.

Capricorn Woman In Bed

Sexuality of a Capricorn woman is an extremely important part of her life. She will put a lot of energy in building a healthy self-image, and it is necessary in order for her to find actual physical satisfaction with the right partner. Being prone to restrictions and strong personal boundaries, she might have the need to control her instincts too strongly, creating frustration and a spasm in her sex life. She wants her experiences to make her feel special and as if she was the only important person in the world. This isn't an area of life that can suffer any secrecy or dishonesty, and she will sense it right away, having a strong insight in her partner's motives and possible indiscretions.

Intimate world of a Capricorn Woman

This is not a woman aware of the energy she carries within and the amount of it she keeps hidden under her bed. Her entire intimate realm lights her inner fire and she will find great passion and satisfaction in her own little world. Once you truly get close to a Capricorn woman, you will see that she is fast, energetic, and pretty impulsive. Her dignified attitude will rarely fail to protect her from unwanted glances and she won't show this inner state of adventure and excitement to many people in her life. It is important for her to remember that this kind of energy needs to vent and be let out, or anger might swell up and eat her whole. If she doesn't spend her emotional resources with enough patience and acceptance for herself, she might end up bitter and hurt simply because she tried too hard to fit into her own set of strict expectations.

Capricorn Woman With Children

In contact with young people, a Capricorn woman becomes a tender person you would never expect to see unless you know her quite closely. She can stick to traditional methods of upbringing with her own children though, but no matter how strict she might get, love will never miss out in her approach. She finds it important to take care of basic physical needs before anything else, teaching her children how to enjoy the material world with everything it has to offer. She will easily fall into the trap of too many gifts, and could spoil her little ones only to spend a lot of time “fixing them” after the damage is already made. This isn't so much a mistake she makes, but rather a way to remind herself of her imperfect nature, and she should simply relax and let go to the flow of emotion that takes her where she needs to go.

Capricorn Woman at Work

This is a hardworking woman with a special intellectual force that can break any barrier she stumbles upon. She can multitask, take care of several details in a short period of time, smart, and much quicker than her sign might seem. With the ability to be extremely practical and functional, this is one of the best workers of the zodiac. Her ambitions are always high and she is effective enough to reach them. She needs a position that allows a lot of movement though, or she could feel trapped and in need to set herself free.

Appearance of a Capricorn Woman

This is a woman of strong posture, ready to defend herself at all times and holding back to instantly show this. Her spine or her hips could give away some sort of a problem, and while her goal might be to look perfect as if everything is in just the right place, her role in the zodiac is to serve to show that no one needs to be perfect to begin with. This is a woman with bony feet and hands, sometimes a large or pointy nose, her hair in natural color and healthy, but still dry and hard to contain. Teeth are her trademark and she will care for them, nurture them, and show them with a shy smile whenever she has a chance to. There is always a lot of work put into her appearance, but this won't be visible when she isn't observed in detail.

Capricorn Woman With Money

This woman will definitely stress out about money, simply because there are things in life she won't be able to predict. Although she is always trying to stay prepared for anything, the amount of pressure she puts onto her financial situation could lead her to a breaking point, when she will take risks and invest without much thinking. Her fears don't have much to do with existential issues, but she has to learn how to let energy flow, spend enough to gain enough, and let go of the spasm in fear of the future that might come her way.

Convictions of a Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman lives in the world of hard work and low expectations. Jupiter has fallen in her sign and she tends to keep her set of beliefs too close to the ground, sometimes failing to realize that she is born for much greater things than those she settles for. She believes in dedication and is strongly convinced that anything can be fixed, just as she is convinced that everything has some sort of a fault or an imperfection to begin with. It is not easy to meet her demands for perfection but she will see each individual in her life just as they are, and be ready to take them under her wing, for as long as trust is present.

Goals of a Capricorn Woman

Each Capricorn woman has one primary goal – togetherness. She is in search for her own ability to share her life with someone, to find a partner and put enough faith in another human being. The main point of gravity she is pulled towards is found in other people, in solid relationships, and closeness she wishes to find with someone special. Very often this woman will strive for a rich social life, tact, and charm she sees in people surrounding her, and find great satisfaction in her own appearance and the image she shows to the world. No matter her shy nature, she wants to be able to perform and go out in public to speak her mind, being as diplomatic and obvious as ever.

Capricorn Woman In Friendship

With the sign of Scorpio in her eleventh house, a Capricorn woman needs her friendships in black and white and with no other shades in between. Once she bumps into disappointment, she will rarely forgive and recover, fully aware that there are enough different people in the world for her to find reason to be tied to those who let her down. She will be a tough crowd for some, but also deeply emotional, protective, and giving to those who manage to keep her close. It is a treasure to have this woman around, and although she might not be the most positive or optimistic of friends, she is a firm jewel of honesty and emotion, ready to give her life for those she loves.

Dreams of a Capricorn Woman

This is a woman who dreams about open spaces, big things in life, beliefs that take her way up high, and hopes she often lacks to begin with. She is on a subconscious search for magnitude and greatness, for all of the beauty and faith in the human kind, and while she might seem grumpy, too careful, or distant, she actually dreams of finding a safe haven within that will allow her to believe in others once again. She wishes for a better future, a world filled with ideals and prosperity, and a way to always look forwards instead of turning to the past for answers when they are already buried and long gone.