The Capricorn Man

Exploring The Capricorn Man

Capricorn Man's Thoughts

As much as he likes to think in simple equations and make life as earthly and simple as possible, processes in this man's mind will often be confusing. There is a lot of mystery there, and he will think about achieving his dreams and moving on with his mission, while hiding it under the mask of reasonable plans and ideas that others have to embrace. He is quite inspiring once you get in his mind, for this is a man with a talent to think, speak, and write, often afraid to use it for the greater good, and feeling too sensitive to mix and match his need to dismiss emotional and dramatic outbursts, and his need to express his true sensitive personality.

Capricorn Man In Marriage

The sign of Capricorn is the sign of the Moon's detriment and it is considered one of the coldest signs of the zodiac. However, married life seems to make this man mellow and kind, nurturing and loving, as if his sole purpose in life is to find someone to cuddle with. He might seem like a strong man with brutal convictions, but he is in fact a tender soul craving for attention of other people, especially his partner and those he shares intimate details with. It won't be easy to penetrate his emotional world, but once he finds a woman to see him for who he actually is, he won't have much trouble lowering his fences and letting her in. He will seek a practical, devoted, and sensitive partner who is ready to face all challenges of their realistic love story that gives them both a strong sense of purpose.

Capricorn Man In Bed

He loves to take the lead in all things that revolve around physical touch, no matter if it is a sexual encounter with a partner, or a simple handshake with a neighbor. He needs to feel acknowledged and respected at all times, and he will never take any sort of sexual experience lightly, not even when he has a casual fling with someone he doesn't know very well. There is a note of importance and seriousness to him showing his vulnerable side and his body. His entire personality can be based on his lack or excess of sexual satisfaction, and it is imperative for him to find balance here to be able to truly shine anywhere else.

Intimate world of a Capricorn Man

There is a reason why it is said that a Capricorn man gets more childish, mellow, and even younger with age. In his intimate world you will see a lot of forceful energy and impatience that has to be spent while he is young, in order to build a strong foundation for consequences that will come later in life. The more patience he shows at a young age, the easier it will be for him to materialize the future he always wished for. His intimate world hides incredible passion and strength of will, and you might consider him quiet or reserved, always keeping a safe distance, but still be sure that there is a fire burning inside his heart pushing him forwards.

Capricorn Man With Children

It is almost surprising how tender and devoted this man can be with his children. He has an incredible ability to shift his negative emotions to pure love when he is around innocent youngsters. Very often, his approach will be traditional but filled with tender touch and actual emotion. He believes his children to be the most valuable thing in his life, and he will see that the material world needs him to put in all of the extra effort possible, only to provide for them and prove what they mean to him through a traditional paternal role. His emotions will be shown through practical, daily issues, and the stability of home he is dedicated to create.

Capricorn Man at Work

Being the sign of higher goals and our chase for career itself, we would anticipate this ambitious man to be turned to work most of the time, spending all of his days in constant spasm because of it. There is always an element of surprise to his superficial approach to daily activities, but there is a code he carries deep inside, that teaches him he is smart enough to face any challenge, and needs to prioritize in order to truly advance in any wanted direction. If he starts moving in two directions at once, it is possible he will lose both opportunities just the same, simply because there is no room for him to be indecisive or wait for any resolution to come on its own.

Appearance of a Capricorn Man

This is a man who looks experienced and often older than his age, thin and bony, in some cases even seemingly malnourished or neglected all together. He will either be under a lot of pressure to keep his neat appearance and show his suit and tie day after day, or on the contrary, have the need to waste as little time as possible on trimming his beard, thinking about his haircut or the way he'll dress. His sign's ruler exalts in Libra and he will always be aware of his expression, often using his appearance to make a statement or show the status he has reached through hard work. His hands will look used and everything he wears comfortable and practical. True effort will be put only in personal hygiene. This is a man with a watch on his wrist, or with an attitude towards one, for time defines him and makes him who he is.

Capricorn Man With Money

There is a lot of stress in his field of finances, for however responsible he might get, there are always unexpected circumstances that distance him from his existential plans. He will want to make a plan for days to come, have something to hold on to, and truly cares for his future, his pension fund, and resources that will allow him a comfortable life as he gets older. While in many cases capable of achieving harmony in these matters, the first impulse of responsibility will be stressful before he realizes that some spontaneity is needed in order to truly make the best of any situation and turn sudden losses into gain of sorts.

Convictions of a Capricorn Man

This is a man who knows that hard work will take him where he always wanted to go. Very often, he will dismiss his talents and qualities, simply moving forwards on his beaten trail, ready to give up on many things just to reach his goals. He is sure that modesty is the key of solution to many problems, and that intelligence can fix merely anything in life. What he sometimes fails to realize is that not every single thing in life hides in the physical realm. He could get tied to the ground a bit too strongly, failing to understand how important it is for him to have faith, guidance, and sometimes turn his head to the future that waits ahead of the road.

Goals of a Capricorn Man

With Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, being exalted in this man's tenth house – the sign of Libra, it is obvious that his personal task hides in his ability to find oneness with another human being. He needs ties with other people and works towards them, even when we see him climbing a steep mountain cliff towards career successes. He will aim high only to reach the point of interpersonal intelligence and balance, seeking others to mirror his own inner state. He needs to reflect on people and being alone won't help him reach his true potential, although his entire life might feel as if he was pushed into solitude.

Capricorn Man In Friendship

This is a man who will never be friends with just anyone. There seems to be something like a black hole in his eleventh house, a place where many will get lost only for the right friends to surface and be found as true. As he grows older, his social circle should widen, simply because better self-recognition gives a lot more promise for deep and meaningful bonds. This man will appreciate friendships that allow him to express with little words, through active involvement and change he will go through when faced with the demands of the person standing in front of him.

Dreams of a Capricorn Man

He dreams big and about a Utopia he was never a part of, and he will wish for his life to have a purpose, sending him on a mission to find his own deities. Time will make him accept the fact that not all truth hides in the material realm. This man wishes to be a wanderer, circling the world in search form true inner wealth and knowledge. Being in constant search for ways to connect with nature, this becomes a strong man, turned to a healthy lifestyle, but only up to a point that doesn't interfere with his career plans. He dreams of moving forwards, fully aware that he always pushes himself two steps back into the past, but can't seem to understand what he needs to do to be able to forget about the past and turn his focus to the future.