Capricorn And Scorpio

Capricorn Compatibility with Scorpio

Capricorn & Scorpio Romance and Love Life

When Scorpio and Capricorn get involved, their relationship will mostly seem to be turning around technicalities and agreements that are hard to understand for the outside world. What everyone around them fails to see is that their world of emotion is so deep and magical that they rarely let each other go once they fall in love. They function through the good times and the bad, quite literally, and have the ability to protect each other and their bond from all outer influences. For as long as they aren’t bitter or hurt, their emotions will flow with ease and understanding between them is a given.

Capricorn & Scorpio Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

With one of these signs accumulating all that is repressed in the world of sexuality, and the other being the repression itself, these partners cannot function in a physical realm without a deep emotional bond and enough trust to form a healthy sex life. If they connect deeply enough they will find liberation through this contact, feeling free to do whatever they never imagined doing with other partners. There is something powerful in this sexual relationship, keeping them together for a long time, as if everything they have to say to each other can be spoken with no words at all, but only through loving touch.

Capricorn & Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Respect between a Scorpio and Capricorn comes naturally with their personalities coexisting in a fine, constructive balance. They are both practical enough to know when the right time for change has come, and even though there is a shared tendency to remain tied to the past, they will fight to get out of it when together. The problem in their intellectual contact can be a consequence of too much darkness and negativity, while dissatisfaction makes them turn to it too fast. They have to build their individual sense of peace and inner love in order to be able to handle the powerful pull of shadows in their contact.

Capricorn & Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths these partners have when together are pretty much hidden in their weaknesses and it is hard to say what will bind them and what will tear them apart. Forced to face their limitations, responsibility and shadows, they have a chance to overcome impossible obstacles together and make their love last for numerous lifetimes with the same intensity and shape. Still, this is not an easy task and many will fail, simply because they need more positivity and optimism in their lives than this relationship seems to carry at first glance.

Capricorn & Scorpio General Compatibility

This is a couple who is in charge for boundaries of all sorts, walls and restrictions, as well as fear and panic. When they are together, they have the power to protect themselves from different things in life, but this can make them turn to the insides of their relationship, and close them up for all relationships with other people. If they find themselves in a protective, obsessively isolated mode, it will be imperative for them to let some air into their lives. This is a relationship of two strong characters and needs absolute honesty and a lot of self-control in order to work out.

Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman - It is clear that this couple is set on traditional values at first, with him being the stable provider, and her - the strong hand of support in his life. Still, their relationship is much more than what you can see, for this strong support goes both ways and makes them strive for more, accomplishing everything they want out of life, together.

Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man - She is much more than a vision he has been searching for as her capable approach to life thrills him and makes him feel confident that he has found what he was always looking for. To this woman, a Scorpio man is someone to finally understand her emotional core and go with her to depths she never thought anyone would join her in.