Capricorn And Gemini

Capricorn Compatibility with Gemini

Capricorn & Gemini Romance and Love Life

Views on romance these partners have differ greatly, and while one of them finds love in the strangest of places, always ready to meet someone new, the other tends to hide their feelings and stick to traditional approaches that are “proven to work”. It might come as a surprise to a Capricorn that no typical declaration of love makes their Gemini happy, simply because they have to feel spontaneity of display of emotion to find satisfaction. In return, all of Gemini’s efforts to make their grumpy partner smile could turn out to be futile and seen as childish and superficial, even when they are filled with devotion and depth.

Capricorn & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

In order for a Capricorn to not show only their conservative face to their partner, it is necessary to make them feel safe and respect their boundaries at all times. This is not something a Gemini is specifically good at, especially if they are not experienced enough or if they are too young to stay in control of their moving personality. Quite frank in their conversations, a Gemini could scare their Capricorn off and make them defensive and too critical for both partners to truly relax and enjoy their sex life.

Capricorn & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

There is something deeply satisfying about this intellectual bond, even when all other areas of their relationship are unsatisfying or frustrating for both partners. They might get into conflict often and irritate each other to the point of agony, but still this is a bond worth holding on to until their lessons are learned. Gemini’s deep need for practicality and grounding will finally be reached with a Capricorn, and they have infinite verbal and intellectual power to share with them out of gratitude.

Capricorn & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

Both of these signs are in a poor relationship with Jupiter, making them partners is crime when it comes to its dismissal. On the plus side, this makes both of the strongly turned to practical matters, and while Gemini tends to fly off to the world of communication, Capricorn will easily ground them with a simple question or two. Unfortunately, this also speaks of their weakest point being the loss of the essence of meaning and purpose to their bond. Over time, they could discover that there is really no reason for them to stay together, especially if they make each other unhappy in any way.

Capricorn & Gemini General Compatibility

This is a couple that almost always ends up in some sort of a battle, ready to impose their will on one another and show each other what the real rights and wrongs are. Their perspectives are entirely different, and although they have a similar view on impractical philosophies that other people share in search for comfort, they could easily lose hope that things will ever improve between them if they are strongly conflicted. It will not be easy for them to recognize each other’s soft sides and show emotions with a flow that makes them both feel loved and accepted just as they are.

Capricorn Man and Gemini Woman - This is a woman filled with creative, childish charms, ready to laugh and love without pressure or restrictions of any kind. While she can adapt in certain circumstances, it will be truly hard for her to embrace her Capricorn partner’s stiff and unmovable nature, especially when he is unable to compromise or let her feel free to express. He will perceive her as flaky and sometimes even rude or bad-mannered, although intrigued by her ability to socialize and her positivity around other people.

Capricorn Woman and Gemini Man - The tenderness of this woman is never obvious at first sight and she might seem distant, cold, or too strongly focused on practical matters. While this intangibility might be attractive at first, it won’t be very satisfying to discover that this is the instinctive reflex of her personality in response to the outer world. His inconsistency will push her away in no time, and they have to show each other they are capable of both responsibility and spontaneity, if they are to stay together.