Capricorn And Cancer

Capricorn Compatibility with Cancer

Capricorn & Cancer Romance and Love Life

If there is a sign in the zodiac ready to take a peek into Capricorn’s cold emotional nature and find warmth, it is Cancer. There is a strange mystery surrounding the relationship of these two signs, even though none of them is mysterious at all, probably because of their closed natures and the ability to keep their private life – private. Once they find a way to connect, these partners will separate their relationship from the outer world, protecting it and keeping it to themselves. This kind of bond is exactly what makes them one of the most endurable couples of the zodiac, for no matter their opposition and differences, they always seem to have a goal to overcome trouble and become even stronger through it.

Capricorn & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

This opposition of signs also stands for points of exaltation and fall of Mars, the planet of instinctive sexuality. With so much to learn on the matter from each other, these partners know how to relax and approach one another with the optimal amount of reason and emotion. Attraction between them will be strong, with their relationship meant to teach them that the sense of security can take away all possible taboos and make them feel liberated to express anything that feels right through the sense of touch.

Capricorn & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Communication between them can be the core of misunderstandings though, for they don’t exactly see its true purpose. Cancer will gladly talk about daily matters, using words to show their affection through care and devotion to their partner’s life, and Capricorn will speak with as little words as possible, to fit the norm of talk, unless they are truly interested in the topic. While their emotional contact usually takes care of the rest, it is possible for many conflicts to arise simply because they both avoided certain conversations or didn’t care to mention things obviously important to their partner.

Capricorn & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

The power of this couple lies in deep recognition they will sense as soon as they meet, often knowing straight away that they were meant to be together. Even though a Capricorn is always a skeptic and won’t instantly believe this, time and the faith their partner has in their shared future will prove this feeling to be for real. Their weak point is in the lack of ability to communicate freely and set apart from reactivity and defensive behavior when they are together.

Capricorn & Cancer General Compatibility

When an emotional Cancer meets someone like Capricorn, they learn to build fences and protect themselves from the outer world and this usually provides them with the ability to finally build their life the way they want to instead of getting torn apart by people or circumstances that surround them. To return the favor, they will build deep and strong emotions for their partner, making them feel loved just as they are and accepted no matter the grumpiness, coldness, or dismissive behavior. This is a truly rewarding relationship for both of them, even when they get stuck and problems between them become hard to handle.

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman - The feminine role of this woman ruled by the Moon is natural, and she will see a Capricorn man as her challenge, approaching him to test her own ability to connect and be understanding and compassionate enough. This is one of the most compatible couples of the zodiac, for they seem to be in touch with their family tree, treating each other just as their ancestors intended them to.

Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man - It wouldn’t hurt for a woman to be a little less ambitious from this man’s point of view, and although he won’t have trouble supporting her, he could show judgment from time to time if he hasn’t reached his own full potential. They both need to work on their own professional and social lives and push each other forwards strongly, in order to make this relationship last.