The Cancer Woman

Exploring The Cancer Woman

Cancer Woman's Thoughts

What goes on in this woman's mind is usually better organized than what goes on in her life. Her own little world won't have much to do with outer rules and circumstances, and solitude will help her find solutions for any problem that might come her way. She will turn to details and strong arguments for help, but she should still use her emotions and heart when making any large steps in life. She is, after all, blessed with the senses that allow her to feel what might come next. Her mind is clear and able to go into incredible detail with focus and dedication, and seems to have a separate drawer for different types of information she gathers along the way. This makes her a great problem solver and someone able to fix things that might seem unfixable.

Cancer Woman In Marriage

A Cancer woman won't take marriage lightly, but she will take it with grace and a certain ease. This is a bride getting married in a dress she wanted since she was a child, and in most cases chooses her partner for life only after years have already gone by and she has no dilemma about her choice. She needs the sense of security and protection, but still falls into the cardinal category of the signs, and as such sometimes rushes into decisions not being aware of all possibilities the future might bring. She is vulnerable with her fences down, and isn't fully aware of this fact until she starts giving too much of herself to another human being. This is why she needs to approach reciprocity with special focus, or she might spend too much of her energy on partners who don't give much of it back.

Cancer Woman In Bed

The first several sexual experiences in a life of a Cancer woman can be truly stressful and traumatic. She will need time to connect her emotional side with physical pleasure, and usually needs some sort of liberation from patterns repeated throughout her family that led to certain problems in the physical world. Inhibition won't help her much, and spite will even distance her from any sexual contact even before they ever began. If she relaxes and gives in to spontaneity, she will show her true colors to the right partner, spicing up her sex life with new surprises day after day and creating a secure field of freedom where they can both express without fear.

Intimate world of a Cancer Woman

There is a deep desire in the intimate world of a Cancer woman to share every moment of her existence with the right partner. She does have a tendency to settle with someone who isn't that perfect to begin with, trying to observe relationships and marriage as rationally as possible. When this is the case, her true inner intimate nature might not have a chance to manifest in the best possible light. The best way to understand her is through her partner, as she always chooses someone to stand for her and everything she is.

Cancer Woman With Children

In a relationship she has with her children hides the most intense love of all. This is a sign of motherly emotions, and no matter if children in her life are hers or adopted, the idea of life, upbringing and education given makes her shiver with joy. She will literally do anything for the younger members of her family, often overly protective and never at peace about their wellbeing. Once she gives birth, she becomes an entirely different person, and this can be a large impact on her marriage and her overall field of relationships. It is imperative that she doesn't hold on to outdated emotions and memories, or she might end up feeling abandoned and lonely instead of moving forwards with the same passion for love.

Cancer Woman at Work

This is a woman with a wide perspective, many solutions to any problem, and a mind that one might envy for its direction and goal orientation. While her passive side can create a large problem with her progress, if someone pushes her to reach her breaking point, things will truly turn around to everyone's benefit. She needs purpose and meaning found at her workplace, or too much work might start leading to health problems of unknown origin and all sorts of psychosomatic issues. Her sign does exalt Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and she will truly blossom at a job that gives her a push to cross boundaries, fly away, learn about new beliefs, people, and views, only to build up a strong direction she wants to take for a long time.

Appearance of a Cancer Woman

This woman won't wear much makeup if she isn't insecure about the way she looks. Dissatisfaction can make her seem tired and lost, truly tainting the image she shows to the world even with her Soul as sparkling as it is. She looks and smells clean, but not as ironed and obsessive as a Virgo – rather calmly taken care of. A Cancer woman feels it is important to get her nails and her hair done on a regular basis, and will often show her true colors, skin and a natural look with a few simple, elegant details. She can be quite pale, with her face rounded, her eyes sad, and her hair thin. Sensitive to outer appearances, she will usually blend into a rebellious crowd as a teenager, only to turn into a dignified woman as she gets older.

Cancer Woman With Money

It would be excessive to say that a Cancer woman thinks of money as an absolute priority, but it is definitely on the top of her priority list. She finds focus, motivation, and confidence if she manages to create a strong financial basis for her entire family. It is easy for her to save, organize well, and for as long as she has enough to get by, she will probably be modest enough not to overspend without thinking. The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, and it exalts in the sign of money – Taurus. When we think about it, it becomes really clear that the material world she knows of attracts her towards it and makes her do incredible things only to reach a peace of mind when it comes to existential issues.

Convictions of a Cancer Woman

This is a woman with a fairytale in her mind, and she isn't afraid to chase for true love, the land of all wonders, and everything she ever dreamed of. She has a powerful talent to sense anything that comes into mind, and to evoke events she wants in her life through pure emotion. A Cancer woman believes in the world, in open spaces and open doors, and never leaves room for anyone in her life to shake her faith unless she is truly broken to pieces. Her optimism will often turn out to be unrealistic and her expectations not met, but she will always be ready to move on with her life, following her senses and the mission she was dealt with in this lifetime.

Goals of a Cancer Woman

Since she strives for a new beginning and ways to create a basis for energetic growth and a better life, it will do her best to follow her instincts and move in a direction where her personality strongly guides her. She will fight to give up on her passive role only to become a leader, while at the same time struggling to still feel gratitude for the peace she has in her primal state. This is a woman who wishes to fight, show her teeth, and be able to stand for herself with her boundaries intact and everyone she loves protected.

Cancer Woman In Friendship

Stable and loyal, this woman will be around for years once she opens up and starts trusting another human being with her whole heart. She can be quite unmovable and stubborn, holding on to some opinions that do no one any good, but her tender and compassionate nature help her forgive for any mistakes made along the way. This woman will recognize a true friend through the material world, everyday life, and strong emotions shared in frequent contact and conversations about daily issues. Although she loves her inner philosophy and gladly shares it with her children, coworkers or superiors, her friends seem to be there to give her personality a real glow. She needs to always make time for them in order to relax and focus on what truly matters in life, while still keeping her feet firmly on the ground.

Dreams of a Cancer Woman

This is a woman of passive nature who dreams of movement, dedication to wandering, born with a strong wish to have just the right words at every moment. She is in a subconscious search for rational ways she will express her true personality, and could create several different personalities while doing so. She dreams of being human, free, light, social and spontaneous, and wishes to live in a world of equality, information of importance, and friendships that make her laugh. Once she discovers how easy it can be to manifest through spoken or written words, her entire existence will take a turn for the better and her inner state of peace will finally be found.