The Cancer Man

Exploring The Cancer Man

Cancer Man's Thoughts

Although Cancer is the sign often seen only through emotional and sensitive properties, this is a man with a very critical mind, able to organize his thoughts in perfect order and fully understand depth of certain problems that need to be fixed. He can be extremely rational and overthinking could separate him from senses, leading to doubt and lack of confidence, finally resulting in situations that make him feel sad or betrayed. It is important for him not to think of his role through sacrifice and self-pity, and when this train of thoughts comes into his mind, he needs to make a shift in perspective and accept full responsibility for his choices in life.

Cancer Man In Marriage

In romantic relationships, a Cancer man relies much more on tradition than in other areas of life. He wants things to be just and follow the imaginary equation in his mind. When he finds the right partner he will guide them towards shared goals with true dedication and tenderness, and knows well how important it is to be faithful and dedicated to preserving a relationship with true value. His approach to marriage isn't really connected to religion or any form of outer system of beliefs, but an inner pressure that makes him feel like he has to put an effort and grow through his relationships at all times. This can be rewarding, leading to a long and prosperous marriage with plans well thought out and the future set, or sometimes too demanding and pressuring for both him and his partner. He has trouble recovering from a breakup and if he gets divorced, this man rarely decides to remarry.

Cancer Man In Bed

It seems that his sex life is a battle arena for everything he doesn't show every day. Once he opens up, all things that ever bottled up inside him have a tendency to get out in the open, and they might scare off his partner if he isn't prepared for the possibility of this happening. He needs life with as little restrictions as possible, and while turned to tradition in his relationships, he will not be that traditional in bed, even though his appearance and secretive nature might make you think you know what to expect. Full of surprises, he can make physical touch fun and carefree, with the ability to connect on a deeply emotional level to his partner, providing them with a sense of security and faith while always holding on to the sense of inspiration and change.

Intimate world of a Cancer Man

Relationships with other people hide in the most intimate part of a Cancer man's world. He nurtures his inner, intimate core hidden from the public as if he is the most secretive being on the planet, but truly feels close to home only through relationships with those he loves. He might stay under the radar for a long time, but this won't change the fact that he cares for others deeply and wants to share his heart with special individuals openly and without fear. Togetherness is the core of his intimate Self, and partnerships inspire him and make him feel at home. He will often feel as if something is missing if he is alone in a crowd, with a need to form roots and a stable intimate basis with another human being, so he can show it to the rest of the world through pure emotion.

Cancer Man With Children

Attentive and nurturing, this is a man with a potential to be the perfect parent, but only if he is deeply connected with his emotional nature. He is under the influence of his own beliefs, upbringing and genetics, and feels strongly about parenting methods his parents used with him when he was a child. More often than not, a change is needed and he has a task to lead his ancestors in a different direction through entirely different methods of parenting than those they once had. This will influence his approach and affect his fatherhood, leading to all sorts of unmovable parenting issues that create a problem in his approach to children. He will give enough freedom for growth but at the same time be sure of his ways, seeing things in black and white even when his children are grey by nature. For as long as he forms a deeply emotional bond with every child, enriched with enough compassion and understanding, authority and responsibility will come as a natural consequence.

Cancer Man at Work

The working routine and environment of a Cancer man is flexible enough and filled with optimism and positivity. There is always something that makes him happy and helps him grow, even though he isn't as career oriented as his opposing sign of Capricorn. This man is dedicated when things are done for a reason, but without meaning and perspective, he might turn into a lazy worker with strict morals and weak efforts. He needs guidance, something to learn, a chance to always prosper, and does well at teaching jobs and those that need a lot of expansion and learning.

Appearance of a Cancer Man

Being the first of three Water signs in the zodiac, this man will seem fluent in his moves and language. His insecurities will manifest through inner spasm rather than through physical traits that can be seen, and the overall impression of his appearance will be shown as easy flow. His skin is pale and soft, his teeth often small or weak, in need of constant attention. He seems etheric enough and yet grounded, often with a belly to show how well he eats, and small symbols of affection carried around his neck, his arm, or in his pocket. The look in his eyes shows depth and knowledge, but he often looks down, counting his steps and focused on emotions manifested in the material world. A typical Cancer man will have his eyes shaped to reflect sadness or compassion, stealing attention of the observer from any other physical marks he might have.

Cancer Man With Money

This is a man with a brave approach to matters of finances, in search for status and ways to create security for everyone around him, providing for his family to create a better life they all wish for. Creativity and focus will be put into his financial plans, and he always needs to have a small amount saved somewhere for a rainy day. There is a deeply rooted fear for existential issues he carries within. If he manages to resist it and give away freely to invest in knowledge and beauty without regret, there is a lot for him to gain in the future as he brings everything he learned to life, taking it all to the level of practical, material reality.

Convictions of a Cancer Man

This is a man who often believes that his inner faith is the same thing as religion that surrounds him. Obviously, these two don't have to coincide, and he might discover throughout his life that something doesn't add up, and he needs his own, universal system of beliefs that has no link to any institution. Once he loses touch with large groups of believers in a shared cause, he will usually feel lost and might even turn to depression, simply because he has trouble finding his own personal relation to faith and sink into the state of belief he has in himself.

Goals of a Cancer Man

The sign of Cancer brings Mars to its fall, and yet seems to put all of its efforts to reach the state of high energy, grounding, and resilience Mars brings. The main challenge of a Cancer man is to feel free to show initiative and he is always in search for that new beginning that will energize him and make him feel whole. His main goal is to be self-sufficient, strong, manly, and as confident as humanly possible. In constant search for his roots, he might face a lot of anger and resentment along the way. It seems like he is in search for peace, while in fact being in search for all constructive conflicts in order to find it.

Cancer Man In Friendship

A Cancer man is a stable and loyal friend, always carried by emotions he has for his close people. He considers intimacy the largest proportion of his relationships, and won't get carried away by an interesting conversation or a creative force some people might consider to be enough to think of someone as their friend. In fact, he is closed up, in search for those who make him feel at home, and help him open up for the world that surrounds him. He needs routine, individuals he can call anytime and every day if he feels the need to, while also always keeping a safe distance to have enough room to contemplate on each emotion shared.

Dreams of a Cancer Man

This is a man who often dreams of rationality and his own higher mind, always on a mission to link his emotional states with actual personal expression that shows to be logical and reasonable enough. He wishes to be on the move, a bit more superficial than he is, easily giving in to self-pity because he has no control of his emotional states. The only way for him to focus on his dreams and make them come to life is to embrace all of those emotions as entirely reasonable. This will allow him to connect his thinking processes to his heart and bring the power of actual creation into his world.