Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Love, Career and Health Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope: MONTHLY Jan 2019 Change Sign

Love - This is a month when Cancerians are compelled to make decisions about relationships – like that song, “I want to know, should I stay or should I go?” You will have to ask yourself some searching questions about the meaning and direction of key romantic and also other relationships and you will either decide to put in extra effort to make it work or to walk away.

Career - Your interactions with other people are very important this month as there is much to learn about yourself and also about who you should be working with going forward. This is a fertile time to forge new business relationships that can prove very influential in terms of your work life.

Health - Often an area of fear or weakness can become a great strength or asset probably because we direct so much mental energy at what we see as failings and that does bring a great deal of power to those areas which can be used to reshape and remould that deficit into something very positive.