Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Love, Career and Health Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope: MONTHLY Jul 2018 Change Sign

Love - You look pretty carefree, which is deceptive as there is so much going on beneath the surface, but for your partner, you will be perceived as a sea of calm, which in turn, breeds more calm in the relationship.

Career - This month, you need to analyse your cash flow – while your frame of mind is generally more creative than logical, you are good with right brain lateral thinking, meaning that you may glean something from the financial figures that you may miss in a more logical mood. It is a good time to brainstorm money making ideas or indeed money raising ideas as you are often more involved in non-profit pursuits than purely selfish financial ones this month.

Health - This month, your idealistic side is stimulated, and your desire to travel or experience more of the esoteric side of life is enhanced. You can look beyond yourself and search for the subtle manifestations of truth and even the secrets of life. It is a time of realisations, not only about yourself but about the world or human folk.