Cancer And Libra

Cancer Compatibility with Libra

Cancer & Libra Romance and Love Life

These partners are romantic and turned to emotional approach to one another, but fail to see each other as proactive and straightforward as they would expect their partner to be. In search for someone strong, focused and powerful, they might have trouble embracing each other’s passive natures and deciding which one of them will speak their mind or show affection first. When they are truly attracted to each other, the sexual nature of their relationship could keep them in overall emotional balance, but only for as long as they don’t sink into daily routine and stop showing each other how they feel.

Cancer & Libra Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The sign of Libra is highly sexual, and won’t have much patience or time to wait for their Cancer partner to open up and show their instinctive side. Expectations will be truly hard to contain, and the only thing that can make their physical relationship work is for them to sense each other’s states and wait for as long as it’s needed to build an intimate bond. Gentle enough and always wishing to satisfy each other, they can be highly compatible if emotions between them create a strong core that guides their physical touch.

Cancer & Libra Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Although the sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, it still belongs to the highly social and eloquent element of Air. They will speak things with clarity and ease, expecting the same from their partner, and this could affect Cancer’s confidence and sense of security if they find themselves in trouble expressing how they feel. The problem here hides in the fact that both of these partners lack a rational note to their approach, even though Libra will rarely admit to this. Guided by different emotions when in love with each other, they could both fail to rationally approach a potential problem that comes between them.

Cancer & Libra Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this couple is in peaceful balance they wish to find together, and they will both work towards all the same causes, even when things don’t seem that way at first. In search for love, satisfaction and gratitude, they can enrich each other’s lives with emotional awareness and love. On the downside, they lack initiative and hide from conflict, and this can make it impossible to focus their energy to resolve any problem that comes their way. If they make too many compromises instead of reaching for middle ground, their frustration and anger could tear them apart.

Cancer & Libra General Compatibility

Cancer is the sign of family values and as such, understands Libra’s need for togetherness and intimacy well. Still, they won’t understand the idea their partner has to show them off to other people or prove a point through the outer world that Cancer wishes to hide from. Intimacy needs to be strong in order for them to build enough patience and emotional security and understand that whichever conflict occurs, they won’t stop loving each other because of it.

Cancer Man and Libra Woman - The nature of this man can be recognized by a Libra woman to be just what her challenged Sun needs. A relationship based on such instincts might affect the self-image of a Cancer man and take away too much of his confidence along the way. She is strong-willed but caring enough to understand that she needs to nurture his need to succeed in different areas of life, and she should use it to make their relationship as functional as possible.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man - If this woman sets clear boundaries from the start, it will be much easier for these partners to handle potential trust issues, coldness and distances that a Libra man needs. They will talk a lot, but might end up saying too little, scattered all over their relationship and unable to focus on resolutions they need. In order for their love to work, they have to sink into deep and tender emotions and give each other all the love they feel.