Cancer And Gemini

Cancer Compatibility with Gemini

Cancer & Gemini Romance and Love Life

When Gemini and Cancer representatives begin a romantic relationship, they face a problem of expressing emotions to one another, expecting to be understood when they are in fact – not. Words have an entirely different meaning in their separate worlds, and reactive Cancer will often see each quickly spoken statement as something endangering their wellbeing. This still won’t change the nature of Gemini, or make them slow down and set free from wordplay that makes them smile. To show love, they both have to communicate through verbal, as well as non-verbal ways just the same, and learn to recognize each other’s emotions no matter their differences.

Cancer & Gemini Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

It is not easy for a Gemini and a Cancer partner to connect on a physical level, and we have to realize that they are representatives for reason and emotion who need to touch. There are many things both of these partners will ask themselves along the way, and although they might jump into a sexual bond quickly, intimacy could lack for a long time. Depending on emotional states of both partners, this still can be a satisfying relationship if they reach a needed level of self-recognition and acceptance. Once they accept each other’s natures, they will both be willing to try out a new approach to satisfy the person they are in love with.

Cancer & Gemini Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Cancer can relate to the world of their Gemini from time to time, usually only for a moment or two, but this may still be enough for them to form a lasting love in their heart. There are ways for these partners to truly understand each other and communicate in a calm and peaceful way, showing each other just how important their different approaches to life can be. Still, they probably won’t share many interests unless if they share a profession, workspace or some weird life preferences that are a matter of individuality and not their Sun signs as such. To keep their conversations going, they have to sense the way they both feel at all times. This will give them the complexity needed to enjoy each other’s company.

Cancer & Gemini Strengths and Weaknesses

These partners firmly believe there is a peaceful way to resolve any issue that might come their way. This will make them patient and calm in approach to one another, giving them a fine base for a solid friendship if they have enough shared interests and social contacts. Their weak spot hides in their personal abilities to realize that emotion and reason aren’t set as far apart as one might think.

Cancer & Gemini General Compatibility

The contact of Gemini with a Cancer might not be the most passionate of all relationships, but it can be filled with giving and considered a special connection that allows them both to discover the truth hidden in their personality’s core. While no partner will fully understand the way the other wishes to be loved, they can stay together for a long time if they nurture each other’s intellectual and emotional needs.

Cancer Man and Gemini Woman - A Gemini woman will rarely have enough patience to slow down and approach this man in a way that allows him to open up, and he will see her as flaky and unreliable, often not motherly or conservative enough to fit his taste. This is a relationship that needs time and openness for partners to truly meet and start feeling confident and loved around each other.

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man - Her patience and a calm approach give this man a sense of peace and calm. Chances are she will recognize his weaknesses and see him for who he is straight away. He will enjoy the feeling of closeness and her motherly nature along with the tenderness she sends his way. In order for this relationship to last, both of these partners have to make a lot of compromises even when they don’t understand why they are necessary.