Cancer And Cancer

Cancer Compatibility with Cancer

Cancer & Cancer Romance and Love Life

Cancer is a sign of family values and the root of our emotions, and the upbringing of these partners will have a great impact on the way they perceive romance. When they get together, they face their true nature and their individual abilities, or inabilities, to give and receive love. Intimacy is a given and their shared need for compassionate approach to other people will multiply, making them extremely vulnerable to everything that happens in the outer world. They will usually hold on to traditional values and things that make them both feel safe, but tend to stay in one place for way too long just to avoid conflict or problems that might arise if they make changes.

Cancer & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

With tenderness being the main thing they need in order to feel free to express who they are, they will certainly give enough of it to each other to reach the point of intimacy. This can return to slap them in the face, for they don’t know what they will find in the depths of each other’s instinctive worlds. Their anxiety when it comes to taboos can leave its mark on their inner world of desire, and as they relax together they might come to find that a lot of sexual weirdness hides beneath the surface. The most important thing for the intimate life of these partners is to give each other freedom to show their true colors without any prejudice and fear, realizing that experimenting can only bring them even closer together.

Cancer & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

The resistance they feel towards conflict will affect the intellectual bond of two Cancer representatives and often make their conversations a bit boring for them to actually enjoy it. They will share many interests and views on life, with similar philosophies and values they want to discuss. Their shared life can be colored with incredible similarities, and they complete each other well when it comes to daily topics and responsibilities. Still, when they combine their energies, they could lack the fire and practicality they need to get things moving and make communication productive and inspiring enough.

Cancer & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

Cancer is a sign of emotional clarity and shows depth of moral and family values. These two individuals will nurture each other’s need for peace at any cost, with enough focus on wellbeing of their partner and gratitude flowing both ways equally. Still, being representatives of the sign where Mars falls, they have some real trouble with accumulating anger. If they avoid conflict for too long and don’t set clear boundaries on their individual personalities, they could end up frustrated or even turn to aggression in time. It is wise for them to have separate professional and social lives, to avoid a symbiotic bond that can take away their power and throw them in the pool of these challenges.

Cancer & Cancer General Compatibility

Attraction between two Cancer representatives usually hides its roots in their family trees. There is something pulling them together, as a family bond attracting people who have spent their lives together once, and they will rarely keep their relationship platonic, casual, or short. When they get together, they will stay together until their weaknesses come to the surface and until they see what needs special attention in their emotional worlds. They seem to be in each other’s lives to heal what needs healing in their hearts and satisfy emotional needs that weren’t satisfied in early childhood.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman - This man and this woman will recognize each other as entirely natural, and inspire each other to turn to traditional values they might have neglected in their previous relationships. She will feel like she finally has a chance to receive enough tenderness from this man, and he will see her as someone giving much needed support. In general, they make a great couple when they are ready to start a family, or at an age when their self-awareness has reached its peak.