Cancer And Aries

Cancer Compatibility with Aries

Cancer & Aries Romance and Love Life

There is something deeply emotional and almost magical in the bond of these two partners. Their relationship will never be easy, and no matter the attraction they might feel, emotional challenges are an issue to be resolved. While Aries is proactive, focused on instinctive needs and fiery in their emotional approach, Cancer will often be intimidated by this approach. The world they need to share together to reach satisfaction has to be deeply intimate, safe, and filled with trust and complete devotion.

Cancer & Aries Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Sexuality isn’t something Cancer representatives will show or comprehend as easily as an Aries might. When it comes to sexual revolution and liberation, this is a good contact, filled with passion and desire. However, emotional foundation is the only thing that can truly make them compatible, and if they don’t have enough of it, their passion won’t take them very far. Cancer will have a way of widening their horizons to embrace their partner’s nature, but only if their basic need for silent intimacy is nurtured too.

Cancer & Aries Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

One of the biggest challenges in a relationship of an Aries and a Cancer is their communication. While one of them speaks almost without thinking, the other cannot separate emotions from any conversation. This will, in many cases, lead to a situation in which one partner shouts or passionately forces their opinions onto the other, leading to overly intense reactions and bursting into tears without explanation. To mend their differences and talk with solid detachment while emotionally connected, an Aries has to slow down enough to sense the state their partner is in.

Cancer & Aries Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong in their passion, these partners will discover wonders through their bond. Their greatest strength lies in their differences, and this is exactly what will attract them the most. The fieriest link of emotion and sexuality hides in this bond, and it is at the same time their greatest strength and their greatest weakness. The same way they come together, they could fall apart, both of them hurting each other way more than they need to.

Cancer & Aries General Compatibility

These partners aren’t exactly what you would typically see as the perfect couple. They always carry a lot of serious weight, family matters, lack of acceptance, and emotional challenges that need to be resolved. However, this is mostly the consequence of their similarities, no matter how different they might seem. Cancer has trouble accepting the primal nature of Mars that rules the sign of Aries, and this could lead to unfortunate judgment that comes out of panic and strong fear for their heart. On the other hand, patience is not exactly the biggest virtue of an Aries, and lack of it could widen the gap between their worlds, driving them apart for good.

Cancer Man and Aries Woman - It will be relatively easy for these two people to connect through emotional understanding, much easier than when roles are reversed. This is a man who knows there is a sensitive side to all of us, and sees it in an Aries woman however hard she might try to hide it. In return, this woman will recognize strength in him that he doesn’t even know he can possess. If they are attracted and not repulsed by their active feminine or passive masculine natures, they will find understanding for other matters too.

Cancer Woman and Aries Man - It is hard to contain the energy of an Aries man, since he carries it in its most aggressive form. On the other hand, a Cancer woman has trouble protecting her inner world from attacks that come from the outer world, and will often see a threat in this man even when he isn’t endangering her in any way. Their speed of thought and emotional awareness don’t seem to coincide and if they end up together, they both need to slow down and see each other for who they really are without any prejudice or conditioning.