The Aries Man

Exploring The Aries Man

Aries Man's Thoughts

Always on a road to become less instinctive and more human, the mind of an Aries man will be preoccupied with words spoken and social contacts that made a certain atmosphere in his life. He will care greatly of his siblings, thinking about their wellbeing sometimes even before he thinks of himself, showing a bit more initiative than actually needed to fix their problems while neglecting his own. With a quick wit and a clear mind, this is a man of strong mental composition, who often gives into the dark side of his actions, words, and thoughts guided by his instincts. Once he incorporates them in matters of everyday life, his mind will clear up and his visions will become reachable.

Aries Man In Marriage

The fact that he is sometimes a bit inconsiderate towards others is what gives an Aries man special charm. He needs to embrace the opposing, tactful and fine sign of Libra with fall of the Sun on its hands. Relationships aren't the easiest thing in life of a man born in this sign, and partnerships least of all, for his Sun is strong, hasty, and often turned to personal issues rather than togetherness. Marriage doesn't exactly come easy to this man, and he has to fall in love deeply enough to feel like this is his only right choice. Once he makes a decision to get married, he will do it quickly and with little fuss, getting frustrated by his partner's attempts to have a large, fancy wedding. In married life he can be quite problematic, sometimes even aggressive, but prepared to overcome any challenge that comes along. He won't let outer influences affect his loving bonds and needs someone to follow in his lead, agreeing to be protected while at the same time readily protecting his heart.

Aries Man In Bed

Being the sign of raw, instinctive sexuality, an Aries man often doesn't recognize the importance of emotions in his sex life right away. In many cases years have to go by before he realizes that true quality of physical contact hides in emotional bonding and tenderness, and while he knows he craves a gentle touch, he will often separate it from the act of sex itself. This is a man in search for an active intimate life and won't settle for relationships with rare sexual encounters. Still, he has a task to learn how to control his cravings and connect them with the state of his heart, and he will often choose partners who inhibit his expression, there to teach him an obvious lesson about intimacy. Passionate, warm, and extremely straightforward, this is a man who finds it easy to stay sexually active even in old age, uninhibited by the norms society promotes.

Intimate world of a Aries Man

An Aries man will do anything to fight off weakness and self-pity. His deepest emotional core is more sensitive than we might see at first glance, and strongly guided by his family, upbringing, and the love he got from his mother as a child. He isn't even aware how many of his choices and actions are ruled by this subtle bond formed early on. Mostly relying on his masculine strength and awareness that seem to grow daily, he craves a nurturing family and a home he can come back to after his battles are over. It is easy to visualize him as a warrior in need of a gentle hand of healing when his shield is down and his sword left by the door. If too many conflicts enter his home and his loving relationships, lack of inner peace will tear him apart and his professional life and health will suffer greatly.

Aries Man With Children

This man's innovative spirit and high energy levels will make him excel in parenthood for as long as he has enough patience to listen to emotional needs of his children. He understands his own child within, most of the time, learning every day how the mind of little people in his life develops. He has the respect and the warmth to follow in any childish desire. Still, his military-like approach can sometimes be too strict and demanding, leaving little room for creative and fun activities he enjoys so much. Too much organization and responsibility can put a lot of pressure on every child he tries to educate or raise, if he doesn't manage to find balance between being fun and being serious.

Aries Man at Work

This is a man often perceived as an endless pool of energy, someone who can get anything done, although sometimes with little subtlety or fineness. He always wants new opportunities in his way and won't settle at a job that doesn't let him evolve and grow, learning new things and meeting new people. He is loyal, focused, and strong in his intent to fight for everything he deserves, being proactive and a genuine leader. Aries men excel in managing positions, at active and challenging jobs, always ready to earn more and give more for the right cause.

Appearance of a Aries Man

This is a man of strong physique, no matter if he is well-defined with his muscles shaped perfectly, or tall, tough and wiry. His stomach can metabolize nearly anything at a young age and his attitude, upright spine that serves only to keep his stubborn head firmly on his shoulders, will instantly attract many. His jaws are strong, his teeth sharp, and his entire body slightly inclined forwards, as if he is always ready to attack. When you look into his eyes, you will see incredible warmth, a cuddly animal about to be tamed by love. Once love is found, he tends to gain some weight, becoming relaxed and a bit calmer in his approach to battles of life.

Aries Man With Money

This is a man perfectly capable to save, yet often too impatient to do so. He needs the sense of security and stability in his life, but fails to see why he would spend so much of his energy on issues that are beyond his control. Depending on his goals in life and his upbringing, he will fight for existential issues and could have a sincere fear of poverty if circumstances in his early years haven't been very supportive. The more he struggles with debt, the more he will create it, as if he was on a downward spiral that pulls him further and further down. It would be best if he never took a loan in the first place, creating a clean boundary towards everything that isn't his to begin with.

Convictions of a Aries Man

One of the most important things in the life of an Aries man is to stay just and true to himself. Belief in honesty hides incredible moral strength even when he has to deal with his own indiscretions, and he won't often care much if someone's feelings are hurt by brutal and straightforward declarations that explain his point of view with extreme clarity. He is sure that there is always something waiting for him ahead of the road and has high hopes and high expectations from the future. The problem surfaces when he drifts too far from real possibilities, and disappointment comes easily if he overestimates his own doings and what the Universe sees he deserves.

Goals of a Aries Man

Being a true Martian, an Aries man is someone who seeks exaltation in the sign of Capricorn, and always sets his goals high trying to organize well enough to reach them. Unfortunately, he is wildly distracted by emotions. All situations that need his strong focus will attract circumstances that challenge it through family or marital issues in need of his attention. He doesn't give in to pressure easily and knows what he wants even when he isn't sure how to reach the destination. One of his greatest tasks is to learn to make a solid plan, stick to it from beginning to end, with patience, sense of security, and free of emotional distractions.

Aries Man In Friendship

Protective and warm, your genuine hero, an Aries man is one of the best friends found in the zodiac for as long as his anger doesn't take over. Once emotional reactivity pushes him over the edge of reason, he can become hurtful with his conflictive personality posing a threat to everyone around him. He wants to feel needed but only for as long as he isn't used, and he will have no trouble cutting people out of his life if they cross this boundary in any way. Manipulation and emotional blackmail make him explode and injustice will keep him close even to individuals who might not be on the same intellectual or emotional level as he is.

Dreams of a Aries Man

This is a man with a dream of a dream, willing to sink into the world of the unknown only to find something to dream about. He wants to feel excited, in love, carried away by inspiration, intuition, and a mission he isn't always aware of. An Aries man needs a quest to be on, something to inspire him and bring colors to his life, and a utopia to fight for as he moves on through individual challenges. If he loses his sense of purpose and the image of perfection he strives for, he becomes self-destructive and easily turned to all sorts of dependencies.