Aries And Capricorn

Aries Compatibility with Capricorn

Aries & Capricorn Romance and Love Life

The basic problem of this couple is in their understanding of responsibility, not so much emotion itself, although they both tend to shove their hearts under the rug because they think they are stronger when they do. Both of them have enough emotional depth and bravery to sink into the world of a new relationship, but nurture strong boundaries to the outside world, especially when they come to a certain age. Without much tolerance or patience from both partners, they could easily end up bitter and in search for each other’s flaws.

Aries & Capricorn Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

In the best case scenario, a Capricorn partner will fully support expression and sexuality of their Aries, and this will be returned through gratitude and recognition. Unfortunately, as two representatives of our deeply unconscious world, they will often stumble upon problems in their physical contact. Even when they are wildly attracted to each other, inhibitions will almost surely come along, leading to judgment, lack of acceptance, and feelings of inadequacy. They have to build a strong foundation through communication and emotional connecting, in order for their sex life to become as exalting as it can be when they have no boundaries or fear.

Aries & Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

While energy of an Aries can find focus through careful planning and all earthly information their partner shares, they will often come close to bored by Capricorn’s approach to life and their personality. To keep things interesting, they will have to be in constant activity and steer clear of a rut or any stagnation in their shared life. Their conversations need enough grounding and consistency to make them constructive and intellectually satisfying.

Aries & Capricorn Strengths and Weaknesses

If a foundation needs to be set and a strong basis for any new endeavor, no matter if it is a business venture, a relationship itself, or a house they build from scratch, this is a couple perfect for the job, ready to begin things and builds them up into the sky. Still, when they form an emotional bond, too many obstacles come in their way and burden them with difficulty. Both of these individuals are very strong-minded and when combined, their stubbornness and inflexibility easily pull them apart.

Aries & Capricorn General Compatibility

Standing proud of their impatience and patience at the same time, these partners will truly have a hard time adjusting their natures to fit each other’s needs. To keep them in balance while respectful of each other, they need to stay away from bickering, activities that prove anyone’s dominance, and equally energetically involved with their personal lives. As if they were a combination of this moment in time and time itself, they share the same core, but often fail to recognize it in one another.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman - When with an Aries partner, Capricorn woman will turn into the definition of support. Strong as a rock and strict with herself to the point of agony, she will do everything to raise her man’s awareness and his intellectual or professional personality. Still, this won’t trigger his own sense of responsibility and he could take her efforts for granted as if they belonged to him by birth right. The key to a lasting relationship between them lies in gratitude and care of this man, balanced by her ability to put herself first.

Aries Woman and Capricorn Man - As traditional as he can get, this man will often be more like a strict father to an Aries woman, than someone she is attracted to. Luckily, years come handy here, and as they go by, he gets more and more mellow, open for strong women such as this one. Their relationship has a chance to last for as long as they preserve mutual respect and enough distance for each of them to have their own little worlds where they can regenerate and grow in a direction they choose individually.