The Aquarius Woman

Exploring The Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman's Thoughts

Her brain is the source of her energy and thinking comes as a primal instinct to an Aquarius woman. She is fast, sometimes rushing into conclusions, and interrupting others in their attempts to communicate. It is in her core to think of incredible innovations, practical solutions that cut the problematic stream and give a solution right here, right now. Depending on the care she gives to her body, her strength of mind will come to focus, for she needs to be physically strong enough to handle the number of impulses the Universe sends her way. She is a bit aggressive in her approach, and her own intellectual expectations are extremely high, with frustration surfacing as soon as she starts talking with someone too slow or too methodical.

Aquarius Woman In Marriage

Relationships are a weak spot of an Aquarius woman, for she often doesn't know how to hold on to strong boundaries and remain emotionally mellow for those she loves. There is a lot of stress in her married life, and she will almost always choose a partner with a powerful ego, strong will, and somewhat difficult in opposing her opinions. She will take in a lot, making too many compromises and sometimes sacrificing her self-image or even her professional life for love. Ready to do anything for the one she loves, she could end up feeling hurt or lost when she realizes that she hasn't chosen a partner ready to do the same. All her priorities come down to those she builds emotions for, and it is a privilege to find a place in her heart.

Aquarius Woman In Bed

Sexuality isn't always such a comfortable subject for an Aquarius woman. Although she will be as liberal as possible and won't have much trouble speaking about sexuality, she can be extremely shy when an intimate bond is created. In some cases, her rational nature will prevail and she might choose to approach her sexuality quite reasonably, taking away all satisfaction and surprise out of her physical relationships. She needs partners who are intelligent enough to intrigue her and spark her curiosity, and this can put her on the search for somewhat “damaged”, dark or even dangerous characters. Willing to make too many sacrifices in this area of life, she needs to invest a lot of energy in her own satisfaction to feel attractive and guided by passion and the child within.

Intimate world of a Aquarius Woman

Intimacy is in direct proportion with the amount of physical touch in the world of an Aquarius woman, and it is her most intimate core that gives her the ability to make progress in the material world. She is loving and extremely gentle, vulnerable, and warm, hiding a strong need for a family of her own, motherhood, and emotions shared with another human being. On her search for pleasure, hedonistic activities, and the enjoyable aspects of the material world, she tends to show her deepest emotional core only to those who manage to pass her intellectual shield and come into her world of emotion, the one that is often hidden even from herself.

Aquarius Woman With Children

This is a rational woman with a strong desire to fill her home with love, but often too well-informed and turned to overthinking to do so. Her curious and somewhat childish nature will guide her in the right direction, and she will find communication to be the most important thing in contact with children. She will play, laugh, and have fun, but needs consistency in her approach and a supportive partner who will provide her with enough freedom to fulfill her personal needs along the way. In general, pregnancy is a large turning point in her life and children of her own always affect her goals in life greatly. It is extremely important for her to set her priorities straight and have herself high up on this list, or she might neglect her personal growth to be a good mother. When this happens, it leads to strong frustration and an even stronger need to break free from family life altogether.

Aquarius Woman at Work

Her workplace needs to feel and smell like home or she won't stick around for long. She is independent and in constant need to follow some sort of tradition, this often leading to her taking over a family business. If she starts her own company, she will see it as her ticket to freedom and rarely return to any sort of system after becoming independent. Due to her problems with authority, she operates best being her own boss, but this leads to stressful experiences and too much risk she might not be prepared for. She needs to work in a place that comforts her and one where she can build solid and loving relationships along the way.

Appearance of a Aquarius Woman

This woman tends to show some strange Aquarian qualities on the outside only when this is her way to make a difference and show her individuality to the world. In general, this will be a well-built woman, with a somewhat masculine body shape, clear skin, and colorful clothes. She feels the need to search for balance by matching colors, and loves all sorts of fashion gadgets. You will see her proudly carrying her purple laptop, or a feminine Apple Watch. She likes things simple with powerful details there to turn your head to look her way, and the element of Air often helps her to seemingly fit in a lot more than one would anticipate from an Aquarius.

Aquarius Woman With Money

An Aquarius woman has a special relationship with money. In a way, her finances stand to show her ability to create something in the material world and present a very important part of her life. It is important for her not to be misguided by her desire to earn more than necessary, on account of her time for rest and her health. It is one of her imperatives in life to dream big, and finances are an important part of any idea that comes into her mind. She will miscalculate and take risks from time to time, guided by a pretty good idea what she will do one day when she buys a winning lottery ticket. If this woman ties too much of her attention to the material world, it could turn into a dependency that drains out her creative energy.

Convictions of a Aquarius Woman

This woman has faith in the balance and order of all things. She knows that the Universe returns everything your way, and all invested things always come back, one way or another. Although her system of beliefs isn't often easy to understand for many, she is quite traditional in her core, and understands simple equations of life that lead to certain circumstances. This woman will nurture her conviction that relationships build her reality, and even though she can be a loner to some point, she will greatly rely and believe in close relationships she spontaneously works on for years. Quite liberal in her expression and attitudes, it comes as a surprise that her ultimate faith is put in togetherness and everything she is able to do being a part of a couple, through teamwork, and with enough wisdom to heal the oppositions she carries within.

Goals of a Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius is always planning the upcoming change and her goals mainly consist of stone-cold shifts that will change the entire course of her life. She will never settle for small steps and always plans for a riot, something to deeply disturb her world, as a natural disaster she anticipates every day. What she often fails to notice is that her most important goal in life comes down to ultimate freedom of the heart, driven by her ability to embrace each emotion she has. All negativity, dark and depressing thoughts need to be incorporated in her true personality, and once she finds a way to embrace her entire world of emotions, she will really find freedom.

Aquarius Woman In Friendship

A woman born with her Sun in Aquarius is extremely friendly for as long as her social contacts come down to an intellectual level. She will be surrounded by people of great variety, always ready to expand and grow, sharing the same life philosophy and directions in life. As soon as their paths separate from her own, entire bonds will quench without much fuss, as if both parties knew that there is no reason to try too hard to move any further. Her entire life will be touched by just several important individuals who will truly melt her heart, and everyone else will simply present a phase of learning and personal movement towards a new goal.

Dreams of a Aquarius Woman

It we try to unveil the rich dreamland of an Aquarius woman, we will see that her ultimate dream hides in having control over her life. She feels a strong desire to take responsibility for all things and become fully aware of her ability to influence all circumstances, finding that true ultimate faith hiding within. She already knows that life is filled with magic, and all she needs is a way to bring this magic down to Earth and become a powerful channel to lead it into the material world. Her dreamland is much more realistic that you might anticipate, for all she truly longs for is some peace, rest, and faith that justice will prevail.