The Aquarius Man

Exploring The Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man's Thoughts

His mind is extremely fast and powerful, and his words sharp, without much room for error. He will seem like someone on a run to win in all intellectual battles, even when no one wants to compete in the first place. The source of his confidence hides in his intellectual strength. Thinking about his instincts, initiative, and new roads he is supposed to take, this man will build a positive self-image through sometimes aggressive attempts to protect his visions and the entire human race. His mind is truly a battlefield and he is a warrior of sorts, even though his humane approach and social nature might make him seem friendly and calm.

Aquarius Man In Marriage

Gravity will pull him towards the perfect partner, probably even more so because of the fact his sign exalts Neptune, the planet of godlike, universal love. He searches for one person to connect to, find unity and real oneness, and could have many problems with overly confident partners who take away his masculinity. He is to learn to not look at things in black and white, or even worse - make compromises he can't metabolize. If he crosses too many of his own boundaries, he could find himself searching for guilt in the other person, although he could have protected himself from the start.

Aquarius Man In Bed

His rationality and intellectual dominance come to focus in matters of sexuality. This could lead to many problems in this area of life, simply because there is always too little satisfaction in his quests. Overthinking is not a friend of his libido, and idealization through platonic relationships could sometimes make him turn to a strange celibacy, discovering just how shy he can be when his inner insecurities are triggered. He needs a partner who is warm enough to approach him touching his heart, for only true intimacy makes him an excellent lover. He needs a lot of tenderness and a healthy self-image to find the point of true sexual satisfaction.

Intimate world of a Aquarius Man

In the depths of this man's soul hides real emotion, sensuality, and extreme tenderness. He seems to be the source of ultimate, physical love, but this isn't something anyone will easily touch and have a chance to see. His intellectual force will make him present through a strong masculine, mental archetype, rarely turned to showing affection in public. Still, his sensitive intimate world is filled with emotion, a fragile self-image, and true fulfillment found in the material realm. He will get tied to his possessions at times, especially if he fears losing everything he has, and needs to take out the trash and throw out all obsolete and unneeded things to make room for everything new.

Aquarius Man With Children

Talkative, well-informed, and liberal nature of this man makes him an excellent parent, but only if he doesn't have a problem expressing his true personality around children. If he feels too different from the rest of the world and isn't well incorporated into social circles, he becomes a silent parent who is kind of afraid to be involved, trying not to meddle, giving enough freedom, and staying away from lives of his children. In general, this man is childish and curious enough to always listen to needs of his youngsters. Still, he may be a bit too rational in his approach, making his little ones feel lonely or not understood when lack of emotion kicks in.

Aquarius Man at Work

An Aquarius man is strangely tied to matters of his working routine, and he won't have much peace until he finds a workplace that feels like home. For as long as he holds on to large companies with questionable superiors, he could have real problems with authorities and have trouble finding his place. He will usually change several jobs before settling in, and won't be afraid to jump into something entirely new, change direction all together, and make professional turns that surprise everyone around him. Once he finds a place he belongs in, he will form incredible close relationships with his coworkers, be extremely warm, and approach everyone around him as if they were his family. The sign of Cancer in his sixth house may also imply that he will start his own business or work from home, and if this is the case, he needs to learn how to stay calm in stressful times.

Appearance of a Aquarius Man

The sign of Aquarius is connected to the myth of Ganymede and speaks of a young man of incredible beauty, put in the sky to serve gods as Zeus' protégé. As you think about this, imagine a beautiful, tall, etheric man, with a boyish charm, curly hair, and a long face. His skin is clear, his fingers long, and his overall appearance somewhat elf-like. Still, his shoulders tend to be wide and hips narrow, as if he was made by the image of a human to pose for perfect symmetry of a masculine archetype. This is an intellectual sign that challenges one's visions, and the sign of Aquarius is often linked to wearing glasses. This man is modern, likes to be seen in color, and always stands out from his environment.

Aquarius Man With Money

Financial situation of an Aquarius man is a mystery, even for him. He won't speak much about his income, usually feeling as if he is supposed to hide his earnings from himself too. His wallet will get lost, only to be found under the bed, and his somewhat chaotic approach to spending will push him into feelings of inadequacy one too many times. This man knows how to value his work though, and he won't settle for a small salary if it is not in accordance with the work he put in. He knows what inspires him and has a certain talent to make something in the material world, but could fail learning how to use it.

Convictions of a Aquarius Man

As an extremely social being and someone with incredible people skills, an Aquarius man will live in the belief that anything can be done through teamwork. He believes in others and builds faith in himself through his partner and those he is intimate with. People who find their way into his life become his image of a better future, his role models, and those he admires greatly, even when he doesn't really know how to show his respect and admiration. This can make it difficult to function for he feels disappointed when he is not seen in the same way, turning to disrespect and rebellious actions that he is known for. He has to learn that outer circumstances don't depend solely on others and take matters in his own hands to make his life the image of everything he desires.

Goals of a Aquarius Man

This man is in search for change. Being one of the fixed signs of the zodiac, he isn't as flexible as we might think, and he finds it quite stressful to be in his own skin. The more he shifts from one thing to another, the more he will need a deep change of his ways, to be able to build real focus and the energy needed to ground his ideas. When he commits to a plan, he could push his emotions under a rug, not realizing that it is his tenderness that fills his batteries up. All the energy he puts into his line of work will pay off, but not before he starts choosing extremes and becomes creative in ways he never thought he would.

Aquarius Man In Friendship

This is a warm but distant friend, holding the Sun in the sign of friendships and social contacts, but still too rational to easily form emotional bonds. He will search for his own tribe with similar beliefs and aspirations, and always feels hopeful that people around him will learn what they are worth. He is irrational and sees others through pink goggles, giving them wings to fly and shaking their world to the core when disappointment kicks in. He needs his relationships with a purpose, wishes to learn, gain width and a new perspective through them, and won't handle people with narrow views or those who search for faults in everyone very well.

Dreams of a Aquarius Man

The strongest basis for an Aquarius man is found in a healthy routine and a timely schedule he is to hold on to. He dreams of big plans and status, accomplishments that will make him strong and influential. In search for structure and a strong basis, he needs a place on this Earth that will make him feel well-grounded and aware of real and actual circumstances. Connecting to the higher realms of existence, he wants to rest, set free from his spasm, and become more relaxed, flexible, and changeable in time. He craves for time and always feels like he doesn't have enough of it, tied to his big plans and pressured to finish with them in this short lifetime. Once he creates a solid foundation for his mind to land on, taking care of his body and his routine, he will find the freedom he seeks in actual circumstances.