Aquarius And Scorpio

Aquarius Compatibility with Scorpio

Aquarius & Scorpio Romance and Love Life

Scorpio and Aquarius stand for the depth of emotion and the higher mind, and while their relationship might be emotionally one of the most challenging, it is also the most intensive love of all. What we don’t see at first is the fact that Scorpio adores Aquarius, exalting their ruler, craving the same amount of freedom as their partner but shown through an actual depth of love. Once they both find a way to see each other through oneness and their lives shared while individually developed, they will be able to create enough trust to actually sink into these emotions together.

Aquarius & Scorpio Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Sexual relationship between these partners is easily pushed out of balance. Either one of them will talk and think too much, or the other will force emotional bonding that just isn’t there. Whatever the case, there is a lot of tension seen through their physical contact, and although it will stress them out and excite them just the same, they will rarely manage to make their relationship last if they don’t find a way to satisfy each other’s needs. Their best point of understanding is found in liberating experiences and experiments that others might refuse to take, so this would be a good place to start their shared search for balance.

Aquarius & Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

Scorpio is the sign of Uranus’ exaltation and stands for the mind “above” the higher mind, or in other words – a way to use it here on Earth. There is something wildly practical about Scorpio when contact with Aquarius happens, as if their only mission in life is to ground the idea and the lightning of thought their partner is there to provide. It is clear that this is a unique intellectual bond and must serve their entire surroundings once it is fully functional. Unfortunately, they will rarely reach a point of such deep and constant understanding, and usually serve each other for one specific quest rather than being intellectually compatible for years.

Aquarius & Scorpio Strengths and Weaknesses

The incredible power of this couple is in their relationship through Uranus, and this makes them both willing to jump in, take risks, go parachute jumping together, while ready to face and fight any danger that comes their way. On the downside, they tend to see each other as a threat too and rarely manage to avoid the stress that comes with this intensity of emotion in such strong personalities.

Aquarius & Scorpio General Compatibility

The Sun in Aquarius is too sensitive for attacks of a Scorpio, especially since they don’t lack focus and hit the target when they want to. This intentional “poking” goes both ways and although it improves the quality of their sex life significantly, it isn’t productive for a solid relationship between them in the long run. With incredible potential for greatness, this is a couple that finds one another in need of change, liberation, and large social shifts of perspective, and they will usually turn out to stand as ignition for much larger things, having the sole purpose to fulfill a certain mission instead of being the image of love itself.

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman - This is a friendship first and a romance later. Emotional nature of a Scorpio woman goes deep and it is always too sensitive for this man’s stiff opinions and lack of emotional connection with the outer world. She will see him as interesting and inspiring, but rarely as boyfriend material, unless she truly feels loved and cherished from the start.

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man - There is nothing naïve nor peaceful about the way these partners meet. Even if they find each other surrounded with friends, it will instantly become obvious that they have something incredible to share with one another. She will see him as a puzzle that has to be deciphered and he will find her uniquely powerful and deep.