Aquarius And Leo

Aquarius Compatibility with Leo

Aquarius & Leo Romance and Love Life

Romance might not be the best possible word to describe this couple, even though the sign of Aquarius exalts Neptune as the god of magic, romance and ideal love. This Neptunian ideal they strive for isn’t always connected to one person, but rather to the image of society they belong to and the utopia of higher love among the human race. On the other hand, the focus of Leo towards Self and one person as such, is often too strong for them to understand the dispersed nature of their partner. Although they recognize each other’s emotions well and know how to make each other feel loved, they are often too proud or too distant to connect on a deeply intimate level and let go to one another.

Aquarius & Leo Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Leo loves to show exactly who they are in their sexual encounters and this is something that Aquarius finds liberating. Their self-image isn’t always as powerful as that of Leo, even though their need to be liberated pushes them far into eccentricity, obviously extremely important. These partners complete each other very well, communicating openly about matters that stand in their way, open for incredible and exciting physical experiences that will make them both feel powerful, strong, and confident about their sexuality.

Aquarius & Leo Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

While the frustration of Leo talking to their Aquarius partner can be great, they still seem to connect on a deeply intellectual level that makes their brains work with much more power than with any other sign of the zodiac. This is a couple in charge for raising awareness, not only their own, but awareness of every social contact they create. Leo partner has a task to conduct information their Aquarius partner shares, to bring it to planet Earth. This will make their bond extremely creative, unusually practical, and there to be shared with the rest of humankind.

Aquarius & Leo Strengths and Weaknesses

These two individuals are in touch with two extremes of human awareness, and the combination of their signs speaks of lightning, electricity, as well as ways to bring new steps of evolution into our lives on our path to enlightenment. Unfortunately, this entire concept isn’t easily brought to life and however attractive and loving they might be to one another, their stubbornly fixed natures could drive them apart through unchangeable differences they both don’t know how to fix.

Aquarius & Leo General Compatibility

In this relationship, Leo partner seems to be in opposition with the Opposition itself. Their incoherent partner could be truly magnificent in many ways, but being centered is obviously not their priority in life. On the other hand, Aquarius won’t easily understand the focus of Leo on issues that seem irrelevant from their point of view, being strongly turned to their intellectual and humane awareness. To embrace each other’s perspective, they have to take a sip from each other’s cup and try to embrace the views they found attractive in the first place, instead of turning to ultimate freedom of relating as the only way to set free.

Aquarius Man and Leo Woman - The entire Earth could shake when these partners meet, for this lioness never takes a man for granted, giving him the attention he needs. Hungry for one another, they can find actual happiness only if they embrace change and progress as a natural part of their bond, ready to make a step forward for each other, in whichever direction their partner desires to take.

Aquarius Woman and Leo Man - This is an exciting match between opinionated partners that makes them both feel powerful for as long as they respect each other unconditionally. If this man shows disregard for her individuality, she will take his opinions personally even if they are not personal at all. Their contact can become complicated for there is a shared need for the ego to change and for their self-images to shift in a more liberating direction.