Aquarius And Cancer

Aquarius Compatibility with Cancer

Aquarius & Cancer Romance and Love Life

Aquarius will fall in love often enough, and won’t really understand why their Cancer partner always holds on to memories, emotions from the past, and can’t relax and go with the flow. If they try to “relax them” against their true desires, this could turn out to be a truly stressful experience for both of them. Trust is easily damaged in this relationship, as soon as one of these partners tries to teach the other how to behave, feel, or do, so it is the wisest choice for them to meet from a distance and make small steps until they reach the point of intimacy.

Aquarius & Cancer Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Even though fixed nature of the sign of Aquarius can make them quite conservative when needed, there is no way to tame their liberal spirit if they don’t make their own choices. Cancer’s approach to sexuality can be annoying for this partner, however righteous or true it actually is, and as soon as any intolerance shows, a Cancer will close up and avoid physical contact all together. A lot of care and as little aggression as possible make this physical bond highly functional, with Aquarius breathing in life and excitement to it, and Cancer giving the love needed to create magic.

Aquarius & Cancer Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

There is a lot of room for all sorts of discussions between these partners, about their life philosophies, views on daily situations, and all sorts of ways for them to embrace each other’s natures. It will be much easier for them to talk than do anything else however stressful their relationship might be. An Aquarius has a way of communicating well with people they feel truly different from, and Cancer can sense anyone’s state of heart through spoken words.

Aquarius & Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

The biggest strength of this couple is in the way they both overcome differences with each other. When they get together, with amazing strength of will, they will both do everything in their power to overcome misunderstandings. They are guided by pure faith in humankind and clarity of love for everyone that shares our world, and they will try all that is imaginable to see each other through their utopian philosophies. Unfortunately, this isn’t always enough and while they might try really hard to fit into each other’s worlds, they could simply give in to the stress and fail.

Aquarius & Cancer General Compatibility

This is a complicated relationship that often puts Cancer in the corner, taking away their true value, while dismissing the need Aquarius has to be free. To make things work, these partners really have to build a strong sense of respect, Cancer for change, spontaneity, and intellectual matters that shape progress, and Aquarius for the pool of emotion and intimacy. If they make it work, they will both gain a lot, one of them providing their relationship with practicality, family, and touchable love in the real world, and the other always giving it something new to think and talk about, turning their focus to fast evolution.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman - A Cancer woman will usually find a lot of understanding for her Aquarius partner, giving him the sense of home and the stability he needs to not fly off into other dimensions too often. She can embrace her role and become his anchor, subdued to his character and his need for spontaneity, freedom, excitement and change. To earn her valuable attention, he has to see her heart clearly and let her emotions lead the way when things get hard.

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man - This relationship always comes when the time for change in lives of these partners has come, and they should be thankful for one another from the start. However, at times it might seem that she is on a mission to irritate her Cancer man and he feels unable to accept her character and her free-spirited nature. If she feels disrespected, she will simply think of this man as weak and move on.