Aquarius And Aries

Aquarius Compatibility with Aries

Aquarius & Aries Romance and Love Life

Emotions of this couple are strangely detached from reality and often misplaced or set somewhere high in the sky, away from their hearts. They will recognize these feelings through circumstances, casual flings, communication, or shared adventures, rather than typical eye to eye contact. Luckily, they will usually do this simultaneously and have a great chance to find a shared language to express how they feel, supported by one another to do so.

Aquarius & Aries Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

Matters of physical contact and sexuality in an Aries Aquarius couple are not typical or boring in any way. Tension will seem to have no limits here, leading them to incredible experiences and the world of physical pleasure triggered by excitement, surprises, or in some cases frustration and conflict. The extraordinary nature of their bond is usually a consequence of Aquarius nature that finally feels free to express, but Aries won’t have much trouble following, for as long as they know they are able to control the circumstances and say when things need to change or stop.

Aquarius & Aries Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

It is no coincidence that these two signs are the ones starting with the first letter of the alphabet, both of them innovative, as two beginners ready for new things in life. When their minds combine, both of them gain speed and inspiration, with the entire contact sometimes being too intense to be put to good use. To keep their conversations in connection to reality, they both need a strong weight that will keep them grounded and focused on earthly matters, for brainstorming products of their bond aren’t always useful or even real.

Aquarius & Aries Strengths and Weaknesses

True strength of this couple is in their incredible shared energy and their ability to bring anything their minds come up with to life. With thoughts intertwined and communication leading them towards extraordinary conclusions, they are excellent studying partners and members of any team for innovations and new approaches. Unfortunately, the speed they give each other pulls them apart from calm, peaceful, emotional existence, necessary for love to be sensed, nurtured and felt deep within. Since their unconscious need is often to be tamed and cared for, they could have trouble satisfying each other fully.

Aquarius & Aries General Compatibility

With so much mental and proactive energy floating in the air, this is a couple ready for anything and always in search for more shared excitement, adventure, and new things. Being a part of it is stressful for both partners, but this isn’t something they will always mind, as if they are both fully aware that misunderstandings are an inevitable part of human nature. If aggression doesn’t kick in and these people stay grounded, focused on practical issues and common sense, there is no reason for them not to build a solid bond filled with surprises and excitements they both need to feel alive.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman - In many cases an Aries woman won’t even notice an Aquarius man at first, recognizing only his asexual friendly nature. If enough attraction is there and he doesn’t miss the opportunity to sweep her off her feet, they will have a chance to build an incredible bond with one another. She can help him heal whatever went wrong with his father figures and his self-esteem to bring his Sun to detriment. Usually both of them will instinctively know how to nurture each other’s personalities without holding back.

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man - While sexual compatibility isn’t an issue, challenged Aquarian Sun might be, for its weakness will come to show as soon as these partners meet. This will often lead to an inconsistent or unequal relationship. An Aquarius woman might fall into her typical mode of resistance, while an Aries man takes the role of authority she always wanted to shake off. It gets truly difficult for these two people to mend their natures and feel like they want to stay together if they fall into this unnecessary battle for dominance.