Aquarius And Aquarius

Aquarius Compatibility with Aquarius

Aquarius & Aquarius Romance and Love Life

When we think about the sign of Aquarius, we don’t normally see it as romantic, but rather as an intellectual pool of idea, or a place where we go to search for the higher mind and true awareness. But it is a fact that Neptune is exalted here, giving it a whole new dimension of universal love they are made to feel at all times. When two individuals of such strange inner state get together, they usually have trouble keeping their focus on one another instead of sharing it with the rest of the world. Love will be shown and shared in the most surprising and unusual ways, but this will be something they both understand well, open for all sorts of changes and surprises that might come.

Aquarius & Aquarius Sexuality and Physical Compatibility

The touch of two Aquarius partners is electrifying and strangely pleasing for both of them. In constant search for excitement and surprises of life, they will give each other great pleasure through experiences they are willing to share, usually competing to discover how far the other partner will go. Although this is a liberal relationship that often starts quite casually and seemingly not focused on a point in the future, when they stay together for long enough, questions of fidelity inevitably come to light. Not jealous by nature, they could drive each other crazy, both of them being too proud to admit how they feel. If one or both of them starts acting out of spite, their physical reality will shift to become a battle too.

Aquarius & Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility and Communication

It is easy to think that two Aquarius partners will have an incredible conversational flow, and while this might be true in most cases, they always have to face a matter of disrespect too. Even if they are both used to dealing with troubling authorities, they cannot seem to accept the role of their partner, and feel superior or inferior when compared to them, in some way. While questioning their true motives and abilities, two Aquarius partners could have trouble showing each other sparks of true intelligence they carry around. If they want their intellectual bond to remain functional, they need unconditional respect and their a shared uncommon approach to life.

Aquarius & Aquarius Strengths and Weaknesses

When these minds combine, awareness will grow through sudden turns of faith and twists of nature, opening these partners up for incredible new worlds that lie ahead of the road. They will know that there isn’t a single idea impossible to reach, and find solutions to the most complicated problems as if two minds merged into superior unity. Unfortunately, their weakened suns make them vulnerable for outer influences and people who treat them with disrespect, and trying to please others will almost certainly drive them apart.

Aquarius & Aquarius General Compatibility

As all same sign couples, these two have to build a strong foundation of respect in order for their relationship to last. While they fully understand each other’s fight for equality in the world, rebellious nature and the need for freedom, they will rarely have enough patience to hold on to a constantly unstable relationship that always pushes them too far. They are two strong individuals with truly unique personalities, and often serve a purpose to show each other how different from the rest of the world they are. Once they realize where their roles lead, they could easily lose interest to continue their relationship any further.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman - This man will recognize everything he needs in an Aquarius woman, but might see her as too distant and lacking interest in activities he thinks his partner should take over. Her opinions are too different from opinions of other people and she won’t be able to help him connect to the outside world. On the other hand, she will perceive this man as someone who has expectations she cannot fulfill, apart from him being exactly what she wants from a man, and will often need to separate from him only to find someone to keep her feet on the ground.